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    Default 79-81 door panels

    Anyone know if 79-81 door panels will work on 82' doors and if I can get the lock button to work like it should on those panels instead of coming out the top? Thanks

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    I think you can use the panels but you will need the hardware from the 79 or 80. 81 may be the same as 82. 79 is one year only. the 80 handle was moved to the top of the door panel but lock button is still in armrest.

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    The 79-early 80 models have the low mount door handle. Then the handle was moved to the standard location up top. The 81 model door panels are the vinyl covered backer board style just like the rest of the 82-93 Mustangs and 82-86 Capris.

    The easiest solution is to just drill the hole in the top of the panel for the door lock. Otherwise you will need the door latch, rods, and hardware from the 79/80 models as mentioned above.

    I plan using some highly modified /customized 80 door panels in my 82 GT, but I will just drill the hole for the door lock rod as I have a 79 PC and I have no desire for another car with the locks in that location.

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    The 79 (80) latches are different for the forward lock button so you would need those to make the lock button come out the armrest. The rod could likely be easily made up, but the latches have a different lever for the lock rod and it would be impossible (or at least extremely complicated and difficult) to convert them.

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    Thanks everyone. Lost interest in the car for awhile. Back now!

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