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    Default Venting about my Vert...

    So I'm making this post because I need somewhere to vent about all the stupid crap that comes up while working on the convertible. My wife really doesn't care about that stuff so I need to vent to like minded souls that understand where I'm coming from. She's an 84 LX convertible with the 302 HO CFI with AOD. The weird thing is the engine code is M, which if my research holds true designates the carbed version. Meh, it is what it is lol The wiring is a mess...the top is a mess, the body...not too terrible, the so. Found an 87 roller long block so there's that. Already removed engine and all the CFI nastiness. Today I started sorting out the fuel system wiring and was testing, tinkering etc when I noticed the frame mounted pump was working but the in tank fuel pump was ominously silent. My gauge didn't work so I figured what the heck...down comes the tank. Man o man what a mess...pull the filler pipe...rust. Bad omen. Pull the pump and rust, pull the sending unit...same thing. I found about 1/4 in of sludge on the bottom of the tank and tons of corrosion. It's always something. Good thing it's a long term project.

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    Wow, that sounds bad. I got to drop my tank and replace the sending unit on my 85 GT. I hope I don't find a bunch of rust and sludge. Good Luck on your project, I'm sure you can handle it.


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    Thanks, the gas that came out looked like red dye diesel lol. I drained, dried and grabbed the pressure washer. All the sludge is out and now I start to work on the rust issues. Hopefully I can find a radiator shop that will clean it for a reasonable price...if not there's always new. I'm sure yours will be ok. Mine has sat for the last 7 years so I kinda knew what I was getting into.

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    I always assume anything I work on on the mustang will be twice as bad as it looks.
    Stick with it, it will all be a good story some day.

    Dropping gas tanks always sucks.

    My first car was an Ď88 LX Coupe. The gas gauge didnít work so I planned to fix it one weekend. I drove the car 500km without putting gas in so it should have been empty.
    Saturday I jacked up the car, unbolted the tank and let it drop on my chest expecting it to be empty.
    Instead, the full tank dropped on me and dumped at least half a tank of fuel all over me and all over my parents concrete driveway.
    Turns out my brother had borrowed the car to go see his girlfriend and filled it up with gas for me!

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    That one reminds me of when I blew a fuel line just after getting gas! Drove it a few blocks before I realized then I shut it off and pushed it further down the road to a spot where I could fix it. Got it fixed after bumming a ride to chase parts.

    All that fuel on the ground .... you guessed it .... one of my acquaintances being funny threw a match to it. Looked like a scene from Back to the Future but several blocks long. Good thing I had pushed it ahead and the fuel on the car didn’t catch.

    Small town Nebraska fun I guess, although the town cop was pissed about it.

    These tanks are a bit tough to wrestle with more than a gallon or two of fuel in them— for sure! I had about 1/2-3/4 tank, can imagine what it was like to get surprised by a full tank.

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    ah, good times lol well I pressure washed the tank and bought come vinegar to go in it. I've also improvised a gadget out of a dryer vent cleaner kit. I drilled two holes and put some bicycle brake cable through and crimped some connectors to keep it centered. Working quite well I think.Name:  20190214_155622.jpg
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    It really is always something. I'm there with you. Right now, I have bad days with my car FAR more than good days.

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    Here’s hoping things get sorted out

    My son had a leak at the slip yoke on his 86GT and a vibration. Around 9 months ago we had to replace the U joints due to wear and vibration but the slip yoke looked just fine. Fast forward to this week and he decided to take his car to the local Ford dealer since he’s off at college and I wasn’t around to help him if he needed it.

    Revoke those mechanic’s man cards. They work at a Ford dealer professionally fixing Ford cars and trucks and have for years yet none of them have a tail shaft bushing puller and driver?? And they said they couldn’t do it without one — Like seriously?! You can drive in a new bushing and the old one will ride until the T5 is disassembled. Or remove the tail section with the trans in the car and replace the bushing and put it back — a 2 hour operation.

    Well so anyway I brought my puller and driver set down when I met up with Devon to go fishing last weekend and he took the car back into the dealer this week.

    They went to replace the bushing and the slip yoke looked like it had been ground down by a pack of angry wolves. It had a 1/2 mm taper in it which is worse than my 1/2 million mile 86GT is. So they had to install a new yoke and rebalance the drive shaft. Took an extra day.

    Anyway — big load of BS but $250 later at least it’s all fixed

    Now to get my tools back

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    haha good luck with the tools...I saved the tank. got all of the scale out and luckily it seems like it was just old fuel and varnish. underneath was mostly nice metal. Now all I have to do is seal her up with some nice goop from Eastwood.

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    May need a new tank in the future.
    Even if cleaned, the terne-coated steel (an 8% tin-lead coating) has been compromised.

    Replaced mine last summer, along with the straps and neck grommet. Weekend job. Drained the full tank first.
    Old one looked fine outside. Inside was nice and shiny. Pickup, etc fine.
    Rusted out under pass side fuel tank strap, which also was so rusty it broke 30 miles from home.
    An occasional seep turned into leak city. Strap was 'plugging' the rust pinhole.
    Now everything back there is new and have piece of mind. Safety too. Everything works normally.

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    IMHO for what the sealer for gas tanks costs its not worth the $$ and hassle. Easier to just buy a new tank.

    If you need the two hole tank then here:

    If by chance you need the single hole tank then here:

    I have installed 3 aftermarket tanks in the last year in different Foxes. All of them have worked just fine. Generally have to drill the hole for the filler neck bracket, but no big deal. The only other issue is you generally have to use a rubber mallet to flatten the flanges next to the tail pipes on either side. Just use a large crescent wrench to help get the bend started as needed, then use a rubber mallet to move them out of the way for clearance. Generally an extra 5 minutes or so at most. Just did this to the Saleen clone, my buddies 86 SSP twice (that's another story! ) and my 85 Road Racer. Will installing a new tank in my 82 RS and my 81 BM soon too. Good Luck!

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    hey that's not bad price, thanks for the info. that definitely changes things a bit.

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    Well I didn't do anything to her rather something for her lol I picked up an ignition box and some wheels and tires for a song. now I can get rid of the horrible wheels that she came with.Name:  20190215_202500.jpg
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    So today I found another piece of the puzzle. Tomorrow I'm going to visit a guy with a couple fuel tanks yay.Name:  20190216_211459.jpg
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    so I scored a tank with pump and sender this morning...looking up I think.

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    Well I got the tank in and everything hooked up, which in turn I was able to mock up the fuel lines, regulator and fuel system wiring. step by step lol

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    Last night scored a set of headers for the vert. One more piece of the puzzle checked off. All I really need now is my cam and a timing chain set. My primal instincts urge me to get something with a lot of duration so I can hear that sweet sound. My better sense tells me I've an auto and that wouldn't be such a good thing. Evil me just replies...STALL STALL STALL lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by rich75043 View Post
    Now I can get rid of the horrible wheels that she came with.Name:  20190215_202840.jpg
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    OMG... My SVO had those wheels on it when I bought it. I don't know who in there right mind bought them. I put them on my '84 Cherokee when it was time to get rid of it.
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    Turbines rock!!! I have those on my 88 LX vert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by webestang View Post
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    Turbines rock!!! I have those on my 88 LX vert.
    Same here. I grew up in the 70's and always loved the chargers that had them and the old vettes as well.

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    Well I got my old valve covers cleaned up and painted. In a couple days I'll sand the top of the fins to bring out the aluminum highlights.Name:  20190220_164056.jpg
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    Well I got one done. Not too shabby for 35yo valve covers. Holy crap that was a pita lol.Name:  20190221_100454.jpg
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    Hi Rich,

    Check the bottom surfaces for cracks. I did mine like yours and after putting everything back together still had oil leaks that made me pull it apart in the first place. I ended up getting Ford Racing replacements. You may be able to get it to seal with RTV and good compliant gaskets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamCapri View Post
    Hi Rich,

    Check the bottom surfaces for cracks. I did mine like yours and after putting everything back together still had oil leaks that made me pull it apart in the first place. I ended up getting Ford Racing replacements. You may be able to get it to seal with RTV and good compliant gaskets.
    will do thanks for the advise. I soaked them for days after I emptied the old gas into a 10 gal bucket and then stripped them down to bare aluminum. the po either painted them or it was the factory coating. didn't see any cracks but I'll double check them anyway for piece of mind.

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    WTF lol so I've been prepping stuff for paint and assembly...and I found a bunch of silicone under one side of the oil pan. Turns out the builder squashed it and instead of hammer and dollying it flat he just gobbed a ton of rtv on there...also what the hell is the deal with people stripping out the drain bolts?Name:  20190221_170816.jpg
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