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    Default New here from NY

    Hey guys..... Iíve been looking around this site and have gotten plenty of useful info. Thank you. I figure it was time to say hello.
    Im on my second Ď86 (first was many years ago). This one an LX, first one was a GT. I hope I donít get kicked off for this part, but this one has an aero conversion that I hope to put back some day. I got a good deal from family, so I couldnít pass it up. Now that I got that out in the open, Iím gonna go over to the suspension/ brake pages to hopefully get some help with the parts Iíve been collecting for a 5-lug conclversion.
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    Welcome. I don't think you'll be kicked off, although I don't know why someone would swap an 86 nose for an aero. Lol. But yeah, this place is loaded with great advice.

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    Welcome to FEP and yes please change the front end back lol
    Current Mustangs:
    82 Silver GT - 5.0L crate motor, Tremec 3550 5 spd tranny, SVO brake kit, 8.8 rear end with 373s
    05 Legend Lime Fastback - some mods
    05 Screaming Yellow Vert - even more mods including Edelbrock blower

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    Welcome to FEP.. post some pics of car please...

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    A few pics as requested:
    Name:  D26F3F8F-4E9B-47EE-95C0-33D15859B5F3.jpg
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    Name:  AF58F695-6979-41CE-B708-18AE16B7C469.jpg
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    and here’s a pic of the first one I owned a while ago:
    Name:  AC4E3578-7E7C-430E-8614-40087DD4A6DD.jpg
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    I like the flag painted in the lines of the 5.0 intake cover.

    1985 Fox Notch 4-banger Ranger tube header Eastwood Royal Blue
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    Past Pony's.....
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    Thank you! I just recently did that. I kept seeing a flag in my head with those lines, so I gave it a shot!

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