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    Default New here from NY

    Hey guys..... Iíve been looking around this site and have gotten plenty of useful info. Thank you. I figure it was time to say hello.
    Im on my second Ď86 (first was many years ago). This one an LX, first one was a GT. I hope I donít get kicked off for this part, but this one has an aero conversion that I hope to put back some day. I got a good deal from family, so I couldnít pass it up. Now that I got that out in the open, Iím gonna go over to the suspension/ brake pages to hopefully get some help with the parts Iíve been collecting for a 5-lug conclversion.
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    Welcome. I don't think you'll be kicked off, although I don't know why someone would swap an 86 nose for an aero. Lol. But yeah, this place is loaded with great advice.

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    Welcome to FEP and yes please change the front end back lol
    Current Mustangs:
    82 Silver GT - 5.0L crate motor, Tremec 3550 5 spd tranny, SVO brake kit, 8.8 rear end with 373s
    05 Legend Lime Fastback - some mods
    05 Screaming Yellow Vert - even more mods including Edelbrock blower

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    Welcome to FEP.. post some pics of car please...

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    A few pics as requested:
    Name:  D26F3F8F-4E9B-47EE-95C0-33D15859B5F3.jpg
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    Name:  AF58F695-6979-41CE-B708-18AE16B7C469.jpg
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    and here’s a pic of the first one I owned a while ago:
    Name:  AC4E3578-7E7C-430E-8614-40087DD4A6DD.jpg
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    I like the flag painted in the lines of the 5.0 intake cover.

    1985 Fox Notch 4-banger Ranger tube header Eastwood Royal Blue
    1988 Fox LX 5.0 AOD Vert BBK 170mph speedo Candy Apple Red
    1999 Mustang Coupe V6 Auto Chrome Yellow -Rebuild Coming Soon.
    1996 Crown Vic LX 4.6 Silver "Gort" Daily Driver

    Past Pony's.....
    68 Coupe Inline-6 3-Speed-Man. Primer
    78 II Hatch 302 3-Speed-Auto Sunroof Black
    81 4-Eye Coupe 4-Banger 4-Speed-Man. White

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    Thank you! I just recently did that. I kept seeing a flag in my head with those lines, so I gave it a shot!

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    Yeah, that came out pretty cool....

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    The guys here are a great resource for all that is four eye. If you get serious about making your 86 look the part again, let us know what you need by way of parts.

    FYI — Some refer to the aero cars and early SN95’s as parts cars. Not sure I’d go that far, but my favorite foxbody Mustangs are all four eyed.... well except the SVO.

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