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    Default 88 T-coupe timing

    1988 thunderbird turbocoupe 2.3l. Just had my engine rebuilt not too long ago. I got the engine to startup and it will idle. But when I try to time it, trying to do “shining light” test on the #1 spark plug. Whenever I try to move the distributor to set it about 10°-15° above top dead center, it engine will start to sputter and choke itself dead. Right now it’s about 25° above (where it’s idling; roughly).

    I did unplug the SPOUT before trying anything. Just was wondering if anyone had some advice on what I should be doing

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    You need to be turning the distributor the other way .
    Timing is always BTDC , which means Before Top Dead Center .
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    Sorry I misspoke. It is 20° BTDC, not after. And dies when trying to go any lower

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