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    Default Good Guys June 1st / 2nd - Pleasesanton, CA?

    Anyone planning to attend the GG show this summer? I made an RV reservation yesterday since they aren't offering dry camping at the Fairgrounds. I can at least not worry about a hotel reservation, getting my car stolen, trailer stolen, etc. I haven't sent in my show reservation yet.

    I've never been to a GG show, spectator or with a car to show. Anything to avoid?

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    I usually try to attend the shows since they are local. I have found it is cheaper to show a car than it is to pay for parking and entrance fees. The attached swap meet only yields a small amount of useful parts to select from. The swap meet is not big nor tiny, just limited. The cars for sale is often quite interesting in what you might find. The show in general is just too large to expect to earn any type of award for your car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinK View Post
    The show in general is just too large to expect to earn any type of award for your car.
    I don't expect to win any awards with my car at any show I attend. It is nothing special and I don't plan to spend an ridiculous amount of money to make it show award capable. The award to me is just getting it to a show and seeing how others react to it.

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    I will be definitely be there.
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    Too far North for me, wouldn't want to risk breaking down on the way up there.

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