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    Passed safety inspection today, going to get another set of 2 year plates.

    1985 Fox Notch 4-banger Ranger tube header Eastwood Royal Blue
    1988 Fox LX 5.0 AOD Vert BBK 170mph speedo Candy Apple Red
    1999 Mustang Coupe V6 Auto Chrome Yellow -Rebuild Coming Soon.
    1996 Crown Vic LX 4.6 Silver "Gort" Daily Driver

    Past Pony's.....
    68 Coupe Inline-6 3-Speed-Man. Primer
    78 II Hatch 302 3-Speed-Auto Sunroof Black
    81 4-Eye Coupe 4-Banger 4-Speed-Man. White

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    Default Old ps cooler line started to seep fluid. Rust.

    Perfect weather day for outdoor car repair.
    Top bracket bolt came off fine. Bottom bracket bolt snapped quickly.
    Removed old cooler to use as template for new one. No reuse of brackets.
    Fabbed new power steering cooler line.
    Old one is about 65" long. Had to cheat. Next time, maybe will go 72".
    PAX 660 PVF 3/8" x 5' brake line from AZ. Nearby Meijer had type F deal: buy 2 get 3rd free.
    Installed new cooler, top clamp, flushed, added ps filter, filled.
    Idle, no leaks, noise.
    Test drive.
    Done. Parked in drive.
    Oh oh. Drips on drive, hoses, and areas below pump wet with ATF.

    Of course, one thinks "now what?"

    Forgot to put the ps reservoir cap back on.

    Name:  ps cooler line new.jpg
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    got my 8.8 ready to swap in for the 7.5.

    Name:  05E6FEE1-EF55-476C-95C3-78ACB4787547.jpg
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    My boy doesn't know how to drive a standard, so I took him out in my car to teach him. After a few stalls he did pretty good. Going to go out tomorrow again and he'll get the hang of it.

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    Find an old '40's ford pickup with a crash box so you can teach me right. The world has been going downhill since they invented syncromesh.

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    Cleaned and painted my bell housing and installed a new pivot ball. Also installed my sandblasted and painted dust boot cover. Made a gasket for it also. Name:  20190520_143634.jpg
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    Name:  20190520_143650.jpg
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    84.5 Gt T-top
    85 Gt

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    brake lines to m/c connected, next is bleed brakes, installed lights and getting closer to the first startName:  thumbnail (15).jpg
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    2017 Mustang ECO BOOST (DD)
    1986 Capri 5.0 Silver/Red
    1969 Falcon XW GTHO coupe
    U.S. NAVY 1980-2009
    Past 4 eyes-
    4th. 1981 Capri "White" Black Magic I6
    3rd. 1984 Capri RS V8 Black/grey
    2nd. 1984 Capri RS V8 White/red
    1st. 1984 SVO Grey/grey (traded it for a worn out 1970 BOSS 302)
    Both '84 Capri's vin# were 10 away from each other

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    Name:  0520191927.jpg
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Size:  116.2 KBName:  0521191849a.jpg
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Size:  105.0 KBName:  0521191916.jpg
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Size:  113.6 KBgot the under hood area painted and front suspension and engine stuck in it

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    Default ball and seat

    Finally repaired NLA 80's era black Hurst shifter ball.
    Universal knob kit with interchangable threaded adapter inserts to fit all shifter thread sizes.
    Years ago cracked a little chunk out of it prying out the stuck removable threaded insert section.
    Top lens removes to change shift patterns or logos. Epoxy, sand, black touch up paint. Like new again.
    Reinstalled in place of regular white one from the 60's.

    Getting an aftermarket drivers seat just right is not easy, but important for best car control, visibility and comfort.

    Seat position sat too low, almost 6" lower than stock. Racy, but hard to get out of the 'hole'. Much easier now.
    Reslotted seat track holes 1/4", raised rear seat track 2.5" off floor pan. No mod to ft track height.
    Seat is level side to side. R/L edges of seat back are square and even distance from dash.
    Bottom cushion is about 2" lower than ps stock low back bucket bottom cushion. Fine
    4 fingers width head to headliner. Stock is 2 fingers. Stock seats are kind of high up.
    With arms level, elbows touching seat back bolster, can hook thumbs on sport wheel spokes.
    Or rest right hand on shifter knob in 2nd/4th with elbow still touching rt seat back bolster.
    Console pad is now at right height again like with stock seats. Plenty of elbow clearance when shifting.
    Left arm is level on door window sill.
    Turning steering wheel hand over hand much better.
    Foot rest, pedals, finally at the right distance and leg angle for me.
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    Oil and Filter.

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