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    Default 1985 Mustang convertible 5.0 was 3.8

    I want to join the forum. I love to build cars and always wanted a 4 eye Mustang. I plan to treat my Mustang to some mods but appear stock but it was originally a 3.8 converted to 5.0 before I bought it. I saw the rules when I joined about 2.3 turbo cars converted to V8 not welcome. Does my car not meet the spirit of the site?
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    Other than the washer overflow being incorrect it appears fairly stock underhood.
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    You're okay, no worries.

    We discourage the 2.3T cars getting hollowed out due to their rarity. They were unique and scarce when they were new, and they're nearly impossible to find these days.

    The 3.8 was not an unusual engine.

    Additionally, we try to encourage being civil to people who have purchased a car as it is, and discourage people from being hostile from those who have purchased a car that has been converted.

    There's nothing wrong with your car, or your being here.


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    Awesome. Looking forward to learning and getting inspiration from this site. I plan suspension and brake upgrades and then go faster upgrades.

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    Great car!
    My 83 was a 3.8, I swapped in a 5.0.

    The best thing about the 3.8 is that many of those cars weren’t driven a lot because the engines were so bad

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    Welcome! nice looking Fox!

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    Thanks for the welcomes. I will search the site for advice but first mod likely a month or so down the road after I get a lift installed will be a 5 lug conversion while at the same time lowering the car and increasing the rolll bar diameter. From what I have read (before thoroughly searching this site) I will be looking at using later year suspension parts and I have a friend with a 90's 8.8 rear.

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