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    Default 1986-094 - what is it worth

    Looking for some thoughts on what 1986-094 might be worth

    I donít want to insult the owner when I talk to them but I could have bought so many nice 1986 Saleens for $10K .... and this one is not nice

    I havenít ran the VIN with Saleen yet but will. Hereís what I do know:

    Carfax shows it has changed hands no less than 23 times
    carfax shows it had 104K mi in 2000, so current ad is at least 171K
    Carfax shows a minor fender bender in 2015

    The hood *sucks*
    Rear hatch is 87-93 GT, not the no longer available 86 Saleen wing
    wheels are entirely wrong and are terrible
    Some of the ground effects are messed up
    The radio is gone

    There is a lot of stuff missing and it needs a good paint job and new stripes.

    i think itís worth $6500 and no more. I think as a ďdoneĒ complete show ready car itís only worth $15K because of its history.

    -- James

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    I think you’re right with the price you have in mind. Is that a GT dash bezel? Possibly a GT chassis? Some were built from GT’s.

    The parts it’s missing aren’t hard to find.

    Really, the 86 is probably the easiest to build since there’s not any super-unobtainium stuff.
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    Could be nice.....needs the rear Spoiler. Thats one of the first thing you notice is the wing. That 90's GT one kills the car.

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    The seller is nuts. Looks like a pile. When every part of the car has been touched or altered for the negative the word Saleen no longer has any value here. Dont need to insult but educate the seller on why his car is worth nothing near what is being asked.

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    Good input so far. Thanks guys!

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    I paid a good bit less for 86-064 just 2 years ago and it had been completely redone. Not every little thing was perfect but a very presentable Saleen and I already had a previous history with it from the late 80s. So I had to have it.
    The black one is going to take a good bit of work.
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    Four eyed models are jumping in price, but this is not one of the valuable ones. Good thing is most of what is missing is regular production GT parts. The wing is a big deal. Rikens are out there, if you look.

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    I have a full set of 16x8, and a hood. And honestly a wing if I wasnít hell bent on putting it on my clone.
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    Sellers price is way to much. I'm not sure I'd want to give as much as you said. With it missing the correct seats and wing and the other mods done to it, it's been ruined as a Saleen as far as I'm concerned. I have a foxbody Saleen wing that takes a third brake light but I can't confirm or deny that its genuine Saleen.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Its been very very hard to get any responses from the owner, like they don’t actually want to sell it. The price also suggests this.

    Really at the end of the day it needs SO much that it is a $2500-3500 Mustang. And the Saleen part of the thing isn’t worth another $3000-3500.

    the slow roll has given me a lot of time to think. I think I’m out if I can’t get the owner on the phone and talked into the $5000-5500 range...... which is about 1/2 the advertised price.

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    Inspect this one prior to making any firm offers folks!

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