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    Would this be a good buy?

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    Fair price for new. Really won't find any cheaper. Needs kit to install.
    Smaller wheels than stock like 13" can block view of gauges.

    I would call NPD to verify the wheel diameter, unless you want a 11.5" wheel. Pretty small.
    May block the gauges. A 5 gallon pail lid is about 12", can use one to check view.
    The NPD description incorrectly states it's a 13.5 wheel per Grant site.
    If i am decoding their part number correctly, F-3600-334, is a Grant #334 wheel.
    On Grant site, that is a 11.5" dia wheel. A #338 is 13.75"

    Have #870 in my Ranger. Nice grip and looks. Paid around 50.00 for wheel and kit back in 1995.
    The stock wheel (non-tilt) was ugly to me, and found out after retrofit of bucket seat (height) it blocked gauges.
    Installed the Grant and can read all gauges fine now. Shows very little if any grip wear.
    The wheel grip surface does get oddly sticky in certain damp weather conditions, or if cleaned with liquid.
    Usually clears up in a few minutes.

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    Grant seems to be one of those company that you either love or hate them. Although that can vary from vehicle to vehicle as it seems that sometimes the adapter and wheel fit one vehicle really well and then on another vehicle they look like hammered dog sh## or maybe that's just me!

    Inexpensive wheel, but then you need the adapter, so there's another $25-50 bucks depending. Unless you just really like the style, I would go with either the stock Sport Wheel from 79-82 for the splined columns or the Smiley Face wheel from the 85/86 cars if the D shaped column. Just my .02 worth, but they work really well, look good, and if you keep a look out for them you can find them for $100 or so many times. Really nice ones are going up in price, but deals can still be found. Good Luck!

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    Also like the stock sport 3 spoke. If i sold the car, i keep it. Have the brushed spoke version, no horn button.
    Seems a little big at times, but it absolutely stays. Not big like a flat 50's Corvette wheel or an old bus.
    Ford used a sport 3 spoke, large version, in their Louisville line of trucks.
    Had a wood 3 spoke in my 1st VW. Friend wanted it. Was very comfortable. Spokes were more upright than the Mustang's.

    The 13" in the Ranger sure is hard to turn when low on ps fluid.
    Never got the horn button to work right (yet). Like to get stuck blowing the horn.

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    Check out my sport wheel I restored. I have been collecting some to do more and sell.

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