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    Default 86 GT MMS Cross member advise

    I am planning on replacing everything up front suspension wise; even considering on removing the strut towers and going full IFS upper A-arms. But for starters and a more sane approach, i plan on going with the MMS cross member. Also, I could not convince myself to weld in a piece of square tubing at the front and rear of the sub frame and call it a frame. So what I found was a set of frame rails that are cut to match the floor pan exactly from USCARTOOl. Seems to make more sense to weld these in to complete the frame.

    Any advice is appreciated

    Thank you

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    What do you plan to use the car for?

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    Good question I've struggled with this particular car. Could have done a restoration as it was all original except for the EGR valve and faded paint. She will not be a daily driver, but somewhere between a restomod, Street Sleeper, a few, "just got to know" passes at the 1/4 mile, and tours such as Hot Rod power tour type events. So my approach is Strength builds reliability, I built a 357W, strong but streetable motor and will run it through a manual gear box. So yep darn good question. Now, if the next one is a purpose build car then the answer to the question will be easy ...cannon ball run coast to coast The parts list for that build will include lawyers.

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    I assume by MMS you mean Maximum Motorsports (MM ) I in general recommend all of their products. Their K member is a great addition to any Fox and definitely any Fox that wants to push the handling limits.

    I have seen the USCT frame rail connectors and think they are a cool idea. I even considered trying to combine those with a set of MM full length SFC, but doesn't appear to be compatible. IMHO, the USCT connectors are good, but with them being shorter and only U shaped I don't believe they will add the same overall strength and rigidity to the Fox unibody that a set of MM FLSFC will. The USCT connectors are just welded to the sheet metal of the floor. Again will definitely be an improvement over stock, but there are no ties to the seat mounts and the lack of being a boxed piece just doesn't give the same overall strength IMHO.

    If you are absolutely serious about handling, then order the entire MM catalog for the front and rear suspension and you will have one heck of a Fox that will hang with cars many times its price and your investment. If you want those last few tenths of a second on a race track that can be the absolute difference between 1st and 2nd place then look into the Agent 47 SLA front suspension setup. Very cool, very well done, and very costly. The truth is that on several NASA American Iron cars the SLA front suspension was only worth a couple of tenths to maybe a second or two at best even with the best drivers. Faster yes, but is the cost worth it? Griggs Racing also has a SLA setup for the Fox, but I am not sure if they are offering a full kit or you have to piece it together yourself. Again cool stuff and completely understand wanting to get rid of the strut towers in the engine bay, just keep in mind that is a major structural section of the unibody and will need to be "replaced" or reinforced with more than just a thin piece of sheet metal. Good Luck with your project!

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    All very good points wraithracing. Yes the Maximum Motorsports K-member is what I have on order just tonight got an update from them that my order is on back order until 2/20. Plenty to sort out until it arrives. Agree with most of your assessment of the USCT frame rails. I have them and have on many occasion mocked them up against the frame location and just lied there ( Martini in hand) and marveled at how exact, exact they follow the contour of the under body of the car. Yes, I too am concerned about the floor pan/seat mounts. I have plenty of stock and will fab seat mount braces. I am also going to add "Tabs" for lack of a better term to closely match the approximately 3/4 to 1 inch lip of the sub frame along the length of the rails.
    Agent 47 and Griggs Racing both very respected cutting edge camps. Folks like SPC carry plenty enough components to piece together an upper a arm assemble. Also, a note in my travels to far to to many car shows and events to pick the brains of the vendors in attendance. I have never met or talked to any one suspension company that would even touch the subject of going another way other than struts. But! I must say I did find a company that when in detail I described what I was considering on doing did state that they were willing to help. "Mustangs to Fear" They are not a fox mustang suppliers but do some really nice work. They have a coil over tower for the 60-70s mustang that looks pretty strong. So, this summer I will coordinate a visit to their facility and drag along a donner strut tower. As far as the strut towers deletion, that may be an over stated simplification to their demise. You are correct with regards to the strength of the car. I will most definitely fab heavier gauge replacements less intrusive towers to accommodate the upper A-arms. This way I can also add an "inner fender brace" aka strut tower brace I am also replacing the inner fender swiss cheese fenders with LMR inner fenders. Did I mention there are no windows in my hot rod shop so I am not aware of night or day, this was an intentional design so I could lose tract of time. Thank for your sound advise!

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    There are folks that have built do-it-yourself SLA (short long arm, aka double wishbone) front suspensions without getting rid of or modifying the strut towers. There are some ideas in this thread, for example. Might be worth considering before spending megabucks on a shop-built setup.
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    Thank you. SLA is nothing new hell go back and look at a nova or Chrysler uppers. No Fear! I'm 56, SF retired helicopter gunner what could go wrong? wreck, ahh,brush it off!

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