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    Anyone know who makes the Hood Insulation for the 83-84 Turbo GT? They make it for the 5.0 but mine is molded to go up into the hood where the scoop is and the 5.0 is flat. Not sure its it will clear the intake for the 2.3. Below is a picture of mine.
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    Do you want to stay with an OEM shaped insulator, or have you look for aftermarket options? I just put a Design Engineering insulator kit under my 1980 hood.

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    I am looking for an OEM shaped insulator. None seem to be the same as mine for the 83-84 2.3 Turbo.

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    Any luck? Your insulation actually doesn't look too bad. I just removed mine as it sagged enough that it was getting caught up in the throttle linkage.

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    I ended up removing it and doing a gentle cleaning. Turned out pretty good.

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