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    Default Futura sport suspension

    Hi guys,

    We recently bought a 1979 Fairmont Futura as a twin to our 1979 Mustang notch.
    The notchback is a racing project with FMS crate 302,T5, 8.8 with 4.10 gears and upgraded suspension
    fairmont is a daily driver with the 2.3L and manual trans planning on a 2.3T swap in the future

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    I'm transplanting suspension parts from the mustang and ordering some parts to get the fairmont on the road, and would greatly appreciate some feedback or suggestions ,as shipping and taxes to get them to Belgium are no joke.
    I've been prepping SN95 parts for the notch to replace/upgrade what i take out and read through most suspension threads on the forum and think the setup below should do the trick.

    All control arms are rusted through so need replacement anyway.

    - 1988 control arms (from notch)
    - 1988 spindles (from notch)
    - 1988 calipers, rotors (from notch)
    - Koni STR (red, non adjustable)
    - FMS B springs
    - Maximum motorsport camber plates

    - Maximum motorsport upper control arms
    - Maximum motorsport lower sport control arms with shock mounts
    - Koni STR (red, non adjustable)
    - FMS B springs

    Thanks Robin & Liselot

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    Welcome! 2.3T in a Fairmont is great fun!

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    Sounds like your suspension plan should work fine.

    What about the sway bars? I would imagine the Fairmont doesn't even have a rear one from the factory (I know my '82 Zephyr doesn't). It's certainly not required for a car that's doing daily driver duty, but might be worth adding. And depending on the sizes of the front bars on the Mustang and Fairmont, and the intended usage of each, you might want to trade the front sway bars.
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    Thanks Mike

    Hey Patrick, I plan on using the front sway bar from the mustang and getting a new one for the rear.

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