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    Default turbo coupe rear end into foxbody

    Would an 1987 turbo coupe rear end fit into a 1989 mustang and how would the width be???

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    The axle housing itself is the same as was installed on the fox Mustangs. The Turbo Coupe rear end has longer axles (.75" longer) to accomodate the reluctor ring for the wheel speed sensor. Overall from axle flange to axle flange is 1.5" wider than the fox Mustang. You can install fox Mustang length axles into the Turbo Coupe rear end to get back to the same width between the axle flanges if you so desire. I know people have installed the Turbo Coupe rear end as-is into Mustangs, but I don't know if they had tire clearance issues.
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    Same width as SN95 94-98 8.8 rearend.

    The 4 lug turbo coupe brakes will work with foxbody mustang width axles. You need adapter brackets from North Racecars. They sell a kit that provides the needed emergency brake cables to make the standard fox width rear disc conversion seem factory too.

    The 1993 Cobra (street car version) used the Tbird rearend with disc brakes and a different wheel offset to bring the tires back in where they should be on a foxbody Mustang

    the 93 Cobra also used an 87-93 spindle but a modified front disc. The hat added a 3/4 thicker region at the lug/hub. This evened out the track width front/rear on the 93 Cobra and allowed use of the same wheel offset at all four corners.

    93 CobraR was 5 lug. It used SN95 94-95 style spindles with a balljoint spacer on a Fox balljoint in front. In the rear they used basically the same 8.8 setup as what was designed for the SN95 94-98 cars. Rims were the typical 1994-2004 Mustang offset. The 17 tribar rims appeared with a polished lip and polished pony style center cap (same cap used on chrome pony wheel equipped cars) and the rim was in black. The R was released with these before they came out on the 94GT in all silver. They appear to be the same casting and if you use easy off oven cleaner the polished lip is revealed under the silver paint. The 94+ rims are stamped with a different part number however.

    this fact is important and relevant because 93R was shipped with a warning about possible rear tire rubbing in extreme rear suspension situations

    I run 94 tribar rims with the Tbird/SN95 width 5 lug axles on my 86GT. In certain situations the do rub as Ford indicated to the 93R owners that they will.

    Mosier makes a SN95 flange Fox mustang width 5 lug rear axle. I have them and plan to add North Racecars brackets for SN95 brakes to eliminate the rubbing that Im currently dealing with.

    The only time the 245/45/17s on SN95 tribar rims rub in front is when the steering is at full lock on my 2.5 turn rack and Im driving off a curve or induce pretty extreme body roll while at lock. A 2.25 turn 87-93 rack likely would never cause any rubbing.

    4 lug brake upgrade thread discusses the parts often put into a foxbody in the name of staying 4 lug but adding a Tbird turbo coupe / 93 Cobra rear brake setup.
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    If i were to convert to the turbocoupe rear end what would the offset of my wheels need to be to change the width back to the original of the 89 mustang

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    Turbo Coupe rearend needs the same wheel specs as a 1993 Cobra (street version).

    A MUCH simpler solution is to pull the c-clips and swap the axles and brake brakets......

    If you swap in the turbo coupe 8.8 but use your Mustang axles you will get normal foxbody mustang width.

    You will need to pick what brakes you want to use between the Turbo Coupe disc brakes and the Mustang drum brakes.

    If you want rear disc, you need the adapter brackets and ebrake cables, etc from North Racecars to make everything work correctly.

    You should also consider an LMR plug for the proportioning valve and an adjustable proportioning valve.

    Depending upon your preferences you may want to switch master cyl as well.

    A call with Northern Racing and also with Maximum Motorsports will give you a lot of good information on this.

    Personally I'm adding 87-93 style brakes to the front of my 85 Saleen build with TCoupe/Cobra brakes in back. I'm adding a M1858 1" bore master cyl.

    1973 Torino would be easier fitment -- no line adapter is needed for either front or rear brake line hookup at the master cyl.
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