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    Default 1986 Mustang lx coupe 5.0 auto

    Putting my 86 coupe up forsale. 110k miles original 5.0 auto car. All power options, a/c (doesn’t work). Console delete, Car is 1E silver metallic , top half of car has primer on it due to the original paint flacking off. This was how I got the car. Car also has a pop up sunroof. Which was a popular add on back in the 80s.

    Car was completely stock when I got it. I added a few things. Have stock parts
    Ford Motorsports ceramic shorty headers
    Ford Motorsports 2 1/4 stainless off road h-pipe. This was a Motorsports display part.
    Stainless 2.5” flow tubes
    Stainless dynomax ultra flow welded mufflers
    Stainless lmr 2.5” tail pipes
    Ford racing smog pump delete
    Brand new stock size tires.
    Trans service new filter and pan gasket
    Marti report and window sticker

    Car still has the original 1986 date coded plug wires on it

    Has minimal rust on dottom of doors and trunk lid

    Has some flash rust coming through the primer on the top of car, but overall a solid straight car, and the patina on it looks very cool

    Asking $7500. This is a great car for a paint job or just leave the way it is. I get complements on it all the time.

    Located in Belvidere Illinois

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    1986 lx coupe. 5.0 auto 1E silver metallic

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    Location (city and state) required

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    1986 lx coupe. 5.0 auto 1E silver metallic

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    $7000. Holding firm there.
    1986 lx coupe. 5.0 auto 1E silver metallic

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    Pm sent.

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    Very Tempting
    86 coupe
    1993 GT
    My 10 Sec street cars

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    Quote Originally Posted by srad2drag View Post
    Very Tempting
    It’s a good car. Don’t see many silver 5.0 coupes
    1986 lx coupe. 5.0 auto 1E silver metallic

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    Still available
    1986 lx coupe. 5.0 auto 1E silver metallic

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    Car is still available
    1986 lx coupe. 5.0 auto 1E silver metallic

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