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    Default 1983 Mustang GT Rear Window Defrost Turns itself on when Head Lights are on

    Hello. I'm having issues with my rear hatch defroster. When the problem started the rear window defrost would turn on when I pressed open trunk button in the glove box. The trunk wouldn't open but it would turn the rear defroster on. Now if I turn my headlights on the rear window defrost turns on as well and will not turn off. Does anyone know if there is someplace these wires might all be touching? The car is all stock and I haven't done anything to the electrical system.

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    The trunk release and rear defrost are connected under the LH kick panel I believe. So I would trace the grounds and look for a bad connection. Look for a white wire with a purple stripe. Now I’m curious if the trunk solenoid went bad, and that was the start of the problems.

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