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    Default Rear coilover question

    So I have a 78 futura I知 setting up for the track and anyone who knows these cars knows the wheel house it tiny. I知 installing a Team Z mini-tub kit with their rear coilover conversion but my question is what length coilover and what spring rate is best for drag racing?
    I知 also running an anti-roll bar as well, I want this thing to hook on the street as well as the track. It already has a Team Z street beast rear suspension in it.

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    Love the "Patina " on it, any pic of the mini tub? sorry can't help you with the coil over as I'm in the same place as you.
    good luck and keep us posted

    What engine are you running?

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    Mini tubs done, coil overs in and built the frame work for the fuel cell. Added a 2nd fuel pump and a set of 160lb injectors to it this winter. Almost done.

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