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    Default Hoosier Quick Time Pro

    Anyone have experience with these?

    Iíve found a pair locally for a good price.
    My mustang doesnít need slicks but I get talked in to a test and tune once or twice a year and it would be fun to have a pair of slicks available.

    I also have a factory five cobra I could use these on so they could do double duty.

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    They're a good tire especially if you get them at a good price. My next set will be Hoosiers
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    After market axles may be in your future....but that's not a bad thing. Just sayin'. Sticky tires will find the weak link in your drivetrain.

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    Good point on the axles.
    I have a spare fox 8.8 Iíll build I up if I ever get heavy in to racing.
    4.10 spool and c-clip eliminators kind of thing.

    For now Iím just having fun and want to do smokey burnouts

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    Track official will yell at you if you do a burnout on street tires.

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    Funny how things work out,
    While discussing slicks and drag radials with some friends we found that a friend of a friend changed wheel size and had a set of M/T ET Street in 235/60/15 he was selling so Iím getting those for $200.

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