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    Default Hello again!! Trying to return to the forums - here are some Father and Son pics

    Dropping in to say hi and I am going to try and get more active here, I do miss the forums!

    Hoping you old-timers are doing well and hello to the newbies in the last year or so that have no idea who I am lol

    Not much has gone on with my Capri but I did drive it a lot more over the last year than I have been and it feels good to do so!

    My younger son just recently sold his 2004 GT and picked up a sweet 1985 Mustang GT w/44k and has H/C/I, long tubes, 3.73 8.8" rear, etc

    I need to get him on the forums....

    This was his 04 GT

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    Nice looking pair of four eyes.

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    Very sharp cars! They make a nice set. Sweet 04 GT!

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    A sweet pair!

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    That's a great looking pair of cars!! I am a bit partial to White and Black!!!Name:  capri 2.jpg
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    1986 ACS McLaren Capri
    1982 Mustang GT

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    Welcome back Buddy!

    Great looking pair of Foxes!

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    Who....yea some of us are still creeping around on here..
    Current rides:
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    Wow that is a fantastic father and son pair of 4 eyes there! In general I am not crazy about the bubble hatch on the post 82 Capris but yours is nice man!

    How about some more pictures of your son's car? I just saw your album of your Capri.....again very nice job with the motor there!

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    Welcome back Jeff! Your Capri has always been one of my favorites. Both cars look awesome. I bet it is blast to get them out and cruise them together and spend time with your son.

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    Nice looking cars. My father and I shared the same love of cars.

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    It's about time you show your face again. Nice set!
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    nice cars!.that 85 gt is twin to mine.

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    Welcome back Jeff!
    1984 Mustang LX Convertible 3.8L V-6/Auto (SOLD)
    1984 Mustang GT Hatchback 5.0 V-8/5 Speed

    I'm an FEP Supporter and proud of it. Are you?

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    Just like me.... I couldnt stay but hey welcome back to you
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    Both '84 Capri's vin# were 10 away from each other

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    Nice to see you around again! Great pictures.

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    Welcome back -- awesome father/son pictures. My son and I both own 1986 Mustang GTs. His is a convertible while mine is a hatchback..... Both are black.

    Mine was a daily driver for 18 years year-around in Nebraska so its very rusty and well worn with nearly 1/2 million miles. Still fun to take both cars out and terrorize the streets.

    My focus right now is my 1985 build which will hopefully wrap up this spring. Its an old Racecraft suspension car and was only missing a few pieces of the 85 Saleen body kit so its being finished up wearing all the correct 85 Saleen mods.
    -- James

    "Trigger" - 86 Mustang GT - Black with red interior. 5.0 T5 built as Z. Original motor ~1/2 million miles. 18 yr daily, 7 a toy
    "Silver" - 85 Mustang Saleen 1985-0006? (Lol) Rare 1E silver / charcoal interior. Mystery. Current project roller, tons of Saleen pedigree

    Also in the stable - 1986 Mustang GT Convertible. Black/Black/Black conversion. 93 leather. VM1 ECU. T5Z

    past foxes -
    1989 Mustang LX Sport 5.0 AOD white/tan black top.
    Wife also had a 1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe in the 90's.

    I'm a four eyed pride supporter, are you? Become one today!

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    Hey Jeff!!! Love them both!!!
    '85GT Bright Atlantic Blue
    '92LX Bimini Blue

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