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    Default Help Me Find My Forever Fox.

    I have been searching for quite a while now, looking for the perfect Fox. I know what I want. That makes it sound like the rest would be easy. Thus far it has been anything but.

    The car I'm looking for is special. When I was young back in the very early 90's I found the perfect car at the perfect price, a 1985 Mercury Capri RS 5.0 5 sp. The car was Jalapeno Red upper, Grey lower, RS trim Grey interior with the Red piped Halo seats. Power windows, not locks, rear defog, no AC, T-Tops, no cruise control, 3 spoke leather steering wheel with Mercury Cat emblem, tilt wheel, factory aluminum louvers over the bubble back and 10 hole 15" wheels. I did a bunch of mods to the car while I was in tech school to me a mechanic, all the stuff the GT Mustang crowd were doing and more. I put 12,000$ early 1990's dollars in the car, doing all the work myself, even welding in the subframe connectors to the floor rails, the roll cage, built the motor myself, swapped in the SVO 8.8 rear with discs / 3.73 gears. I could go on for hours, since most of that money was spent on parts at cost or mods I did myself.

    After Tech school and several years working to pay off my loans, I saw this car, a C3 Corvette, the car I dreamed of as a little kid at a car lot. Long story short I made one of the biggest and most costly mistakes selling the Capri and buying that car. While the Corvette turned out nice and it's fast and fun to drive plus a looker, not too many years later I felt the pull for the capri RS again. Ever since, I've been trying to right the wrong. These last few years, I decided to sell the Corvette and find another identical Capri to the one I had.

    So much for back story and why I'm looking for this car. With a lack of viable options in a search spanning the better part of this year, I decided at last to open my search criteria up to include an identical 85 GT with all the options. Again, the search has been fruitless and futile. A combination of not finding the RIGHT car has me widening my gaze to include all other Fox Mustangs except 1986 (lousy motor) and 1993 (cast pistons) , nothing older than 1985, I don't want a flat lifter motor, roller motors only. Giving up T-Tops on newer cars for a 'vert or sunroof, I'd rather have a sunroof car, since 'verts are already overweight. I don't like the notch backs, GT's are my thing . I actually owned an 85 GT same as the Capri RS, but it was stolen and totaled. I was looking for that car when I found the Capri.

    I've widened the net and keep most things on my original list in looking at newer Foxes. First and foremost, I want a Capri RS. Second but close would be an '85 GT identical to the Capri RS above. If for some reason another Fox GT comes along, right car right place that speaks to me, of course I'll buy it. But really, I want the Capri above all else if possible. A 5 speed is non negotiable, no slush box cars..

    Anything anyone can think of to help me find my forever Fox, I would so appreciate it. I have not had much luck with online searches. This is the only Fox site I belong to, and I don't have a facebook account. The cars I d manage to find are located at these "Boutique Dealers" as I call them, 85% convertibles and all of them at prices I wouldn't pay for a brand new GT 5.0 from a Ford dealer.

    While I love the look of the 1993 Cobra and Cobra-R cars, I've resolved myself to the fact that with the current prices as see being asked for them, I would never be able to afford one. 19K$ for a car with 130K mi was the least expensive 93 Cobra I found.

    That's about all I can think of. Again all your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Places to look, publications, websites, contacts, anything will be of help here. With a little luck by spring '19, I'll be driving my forever Fox, tops out, tunes cranked, the sound of big cam thru flowmaster 40's all around...

    Peace out.

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    Since this is an "early" Fox site we limit buying, selling, and 'finding' of Mustangs to 1979-86. If you want, or will accept 1987-93 Mustangs please use another site for that search. Thank you.

    Good luck in your search.
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    You may very well have to take advantage of the fact that these cars are basically adult lego sets- buy the body you want, and mix and match parts to get the desired result. A roller 302 bolts in any fox, the '86 motor does just fine with a set of twisted wedge heads or change pistons when you rebuild it, a Capri RS nose goes on any capri--- you get the picture. If you want the perfect ORIGINAL car, good luck. That, as you are finding, is difficult and expensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxChassis View Post
    Since this is an "early" Fox site we limit buying, selling, and 'finding' of Mustangs to 1979-86. If you want, or will accept 1987-93 Mustangs please use another site for that search. Thank you.

    Good luck in your search.
    For now I plan to limit my search to either a '85 Capri RS or a '85 Mustang GT. These are the 2 cars I really want most anyway, and TBQH I want a Capri more than anything else. Honestly any newer Fox would be a compromise.

    I have considered doing a mix and match to build the perfect car. I no longer have a garage or any place to store the car long term while building it. I have no choice but to find the right car, then add or change whatever I want over the space of a days here and there over a weekend or vacation time when the folks are gone. My in-laws let me to use their garage, but being up in age they like to keep one car warm and dry in the garage, so they can walk and out of the car via one door. It's a 2 car, but there is no room in it for another car. Like many people they have their tractor, freezer, fridge, garden implements, golf clubs, workbenches, tools and other stuff inside year round. That leaves 1 1/2 spaces at best. I don't have off street parking available at my home. As I'm longer in the auto business, there is no place at a job or a lift to use for the car. Everything is done over the fenders or from underneath on jack stands, or using home made drive up 'lift'. It is made from interlaced 4by4's and 2by4's , you drive the car up and it gradually gets the car high enough that I can sit up underneath.

    I know there is a car out there for me. With all the folks on this site maybe someone will see a car or come across one. As I said above, I'm having trouble finding a place to search for the right car or any cars other than those expensive dealer cars or a convertible.

    Is there not a site on the internet I can look or search that people list such cars?
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