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    I am getting ready to put pace car up for the winter. I have 2 options, 1 is a heated garage, and the other is not heated. I have the garage baited for mice and will dryer sheets inside car and in the engine bay. I will put fuel stabilizer in it, and I also cover floor with carpet. Is there anything else I should do when storing it? The heated garage can sometimes get humid on warmer days so I just put in a dehumidifier in there. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Putting it on jack stands will help to prevent flat spots on the tires. If not an option, make sure the tires are aired up. Maybe a little extra if they tend to leak down. Check your antifreeze too.
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    Thank you! Do you think a heated garage would be better?

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    Heated garage would certainly be better, but only if the door stays closed all winter. If it is a main garage and up and down all the time then you are subjecting the car to constant and rapid temp/humidity changes....which equates to condensation. As long as it doesn't get below freezing (by too much) for an extended period of time....I'd rather my cars be stored in a cold garage that is locked up for the winter to keep the condensation at bay.
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    Moisture is attracted to cold metal. No big deal on sheet metal but is on hidden metal like under hood, frames, brake rotors.
    Keeping an insulated garage constantly heated at about 50 works well storing cars, etc.
    Worth the cost if wishing to help preserve expensive items. Covers help like blankets.
    Turn it up when working out there.
    Consider floor sweating. Large rubber garage mat under car cuts down on that.

    Air circulation, air exchange, proper ventilation helps. Poor ventilation locks in moisture, over venting allows it in.
    As does running the dehumidifier or fans on timers overnight when above the dew point and airflow is controlled.
    Depends on construction, location, use, maybe type of heat. Forced air usually drys things out.
    They say either heat it all the time or not at all.

    Cars here in Detroit rust parked in heated garage after dragging in salty slush and snow.
    Garage is best left unheated, insulated or not. Heat used only when work is to be done.

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