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    Really sharp and clean, congrats!
    Thank you. Wish I could take a few weeks off of work to get her done. Well Thatís probably most of our wishes lol

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    Default 1979 Ghia Coupe Build Thread

    Gotta order a Marti report. Curious to see how many Mustangs were equipped like mine. Itís a Ghia model but has the sport steering wheel and no center console. Love the times when there were 71 option boxes that could be checked. Ok I made that number up but you get what Iím sayin.

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    Default 1979 Ghia Coupe Build Thread

    With the original metric Michelinís over 20 years old, I bought a set of wheels and tires. I am keeping with 4 lug which as we all know limits selection unless you go with custom drilled wheels. I am not entirely in love with these. Reason being that I had a set of authentice Sterns on my 88 Saleen. Anyway hereís some pics.

    The tires are Cooper RS3-s in 245-45-17 and 275-40-17

    And for some reason I can only upload one pic. I will post the wheels below...
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    I am having some custom pieces being made for the wheels to make them unique and tie directly into my theme. Should be here later this week

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