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    Default 1984 mustang starter spins but won't engage

    Hello, so today I took my mustang out for a cruise and when I got to my cousin house I tried to start it again, and it won't engage it just spins so I bought New starter and the car started, However, when I got to the storge I turned it off and I tried to started and it just spins and won't engage!!!!!!

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    Check the ring gear for a missing tooth or teeth.

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    I checked the ring its missing half one tooth but the rest are all good

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    If memory serves me correct, most engines will stop in roughly 3 positions. Those are the high wear areas because they are where the gear initially engages. Once engaged, you don't need much tooth to keep it spinning. So if the teeth are mostly gone or even 1 gone in any area, it needs to be replaced. Autos are easier than sticks but it is a "pull the tranny and bellhousing" job.


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    Had the same problem in '84.
    Bad spot in flywheel.
    Being a stick, would roll it in neutral few feet, jump in, put in gear, pop the clutch.
    Not fast enough to roll start with ign on, nor wanted to. 79 has no interlock.
    This turned the flywheel to a better spot for starter to engage.
    Not a great option in winter slippery conditions.
    Learned to park on a high spot in lots and let car roll instead of pushing.
    Far enough away so as not to get blocked in by someone.
    Eventually had time to have the ring gear replaced 4/85 by dealer. Replaced starter drive too.
    Bad starter drive or double starting (hitting starter with engine running) will eventually do in a ring gear.

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