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    Default New to a four eye, not mustangs (1980)

    Hey guys,

    So I just picked up another mustang (I had an 89 GT for a few years that I sold a couple years back) after WAY too long of not having one. It's currently a 4 cylinder automatic (for now). It's a wonderful brown color, with a really clean (also brown) interior (I'll get some pictures of that tomorrow). I've never actually pulled a motor before, but I've helped my brother pull the transmission out of his bronco a while ago. This is going to be a learning experience and hopefully a nice little junkyard special street build. Look forward to getting to know you guys better soon!

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    Welcome! Nice looking ride
    -- James

    Favorite thing Iíve said thatís been requoted: ď"40 year old beercan on wheels with too much motor"

    My four eyed foxes:
    "Trigger" - 86 Mustang GT - Black with red interior. 5.0 T5 built as Z. Original motor ~1/2 million miles. 18 yr daily, 7 a toy
    "Silver" - 85 Mustang Saleen 1985-006? (Lol) Rare 1E silver GT / charcoal interior. The car is a little bit of a mystery. Current project bought as a roller, tons of Saleen / Racecraft pedigree

    Also in the stable - my sonís car. 1986 Mustang GT Convertible. Black/Black/Black conversion. 93 leather. VM1 ECU. T5Z

    past foxes -
    1989 Mustang LX Sport 5.0 AOD white/tan black top.
    Wife also had a 1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe in the 90's.

    I'm a four eyed pride supporter, are you? Become one today!

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    Welcome! Sharp car!

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    Welcome to FEP.. Nice car..

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    Welcome to FEP!!!! looks great

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    Thanks guys! I haven't had a chance to get interior shots yet, I'm going to try to clean it up soon so I'll get them up then.

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