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    Default Getting serious on my 86

    Hello all, my name is Kyle.

    A little about me:

    Iím 19, grew up in Georgia, currently live in Ohio, and attend UNOH. I am majoring in high performance automotive technology, degreeing in automotive technology as well. I work at a national automotive service retailer, and for specific reasons, said employer will remain unnamed. Working full time, studying full time; spending a lot on education, spending the rest on my projects. Daily drive a Ď99 2.5 5 speed ranger. I play drums when Iím not turning wrenches and was ranked statewide for three position riflery my senior year in high school.

    Now my car:

    Heard from a friend in Georgia this past July that a clean fox body had come up for sale at a local car stereo installer. Made the 10 hour, 700 mile trip over a 6 second video and bought it. 1986 lx hatch, Carbureted 4 cylinder, 3 speed automatic. No rust anywhere, straight from everywhere I looked. Drove it back to ohio after rewiring the 12 volt outlet. The trip took 18 hours, and the the car consumed 7 quarts of oil and 2 quarts of atf. Rear seal on the trans leaked so bad the car caught fire twice. Engine and trans came out within 48 hours of being in ohio. The car is currently completely stripped with only the glass and suspension left in. After pulling carpet and trim, I realized the car had been t-boned, but fixed PROPERLY. Interior has been prepped for a cage.

    Plans for the future:

    4 cylinder came out? 4 cylinder going in. Purchased an Ď85 svo driveline from Minnesota a while back that the kid had rebuilt within 3000 miles and totaled it, intending to slap it in my truck. Block just came back from machining, bored .030 over, mains re-aligned with studs, and surface checked for warpage. Moving to forged rods and pistons, bo-port top end, and custom (home) fab headers and manifolds. Looking for the ~500 hp ballpark on e85, big single turbo. I have my sights set on a rear irs subframe from a Ď99 SVT Cobra Iíd like to put in it. Because itís a 4 cyl. car, it has a 7.5 so it needs replaced anyway and the price is right!

    Looking to make it a street friendly, agile, light, driftable, dog-****-fast, reasonably cheap, and fuel efficient underdog.

    The goal is set high, but even if itís not reached, itíll be done RIGHT.
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    Welcome!!! could not help but smile while reading: The trip took 18 hours, and the car consumed 7 quarts of oil and 2 quarts of atf. That brought back memories of mine and trips home with cars that I have purchased. Your car looks real sharp! Good luck with your plans.

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    Welcome to the site. Thanks for sharing the story! Good luck with the project and your "goal"!
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    The 99 IRS is a 28 spline diff , and one year only , look for an 01 up , it is 31 spline , and easier to get parts .
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    Welcome and good luck reaching your goals!

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