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    Default KW shocks machined groove for max motorsports coilover

    Just curious, if anyone has put a coilover kit on a set of KW V1 rear shocks for fox's. Ive contacted maximum motorsports regarding getting a rear coilover kit for my shocks that i have with my coilover set ( which naturally the rear shocks have factory location springs and shocks ). I use the car primarily here in CO for Autocross when goodguys comes in to town and down at PPIR for their Time attack series. Very rarely do i drive it on the road.

    Maximum motorsports said they could put together a kit after giving them multiple measurements that would work but i would need the machined groove in the shock body like the bilstein setup they have. I would only have to take .06" off the body of the shock to make the groove and i really dont think i would slice the shock in half by taking that much off, but curious if anyone else here has ever done it. chances are not, since they dont seem to have ever ran in to this set up before, but i figure i would throw a shot in the dark here and see if anyone has used the KW setup and ran in to this issue. I have a torque arm (homebuilt) and panhard bar ( maximum motorsports) set up on the car and it handles great but the KW springs in stock location in the rear are too soft and cause a good amount of understeer and im looking to sort the car out a little more this winter since i finally got it together this last summer, and the aformentioned understeer is costing me time in the corners.

    If anyone else is interested my measurements on the shock body diameter were 1.9635, and the actual shock body has a threaded portion at the top that retains the main shock rod that threads into the body (which is why im thinking i should have more than enough room, if its threaded, the piston on the end of the rod cant be bigger than the threads due to the possibility of it tearing up the piston on insertion) so i should have more than enough room.

    Or maybe ive just had too much beer tonight and am overthinking things and just need to pony up and give up on my idea of fuel injection this winter and put my money towards buying a full RR3 valved coilover set up from maximum motorsports, new sway bars and all. I dont know, lemme know what you guys think.
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