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    Default '85 ASC SC front inner bearings

    I sure hope somebody has the answer to this. I'm replacing the brakes on my 85 vert. When I took of the old front rotors they were rusted as hell and the bearings inner bearings stuck in the rotors so I just threw them out when I saw Rock Auto had plenty of parts. Unfortunately the bearings that are listed for 85 Capri's don't fit. The bore diameter is too small. I've tried every suggest possible inner bearing and all have the same problem, the don't fit on the spindle.

    I've ordered and returned about 8 different sets of bearings that didn't work. The bearings all would fit on my '88 ASC Mustang vert just fine. The ones that are supposed to fit have a 34.75 inner diameter and the spindle is about 34.851. I did find the right inner diameter and ordered it thinking it would fit but the outside diameter was too big.

    Has anybody with an '85 Vert changed their bearings and know that the right part number is.

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    I finally found the correct Inner Bearing for it. In case anybody else comes across this problem the correct set is Timken Set 17.

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    I'm not sure why nothing told me about your post until now. It wasn't showing up for me though, so sorry to keep your answers waiting until after you've solve the riddle.

    That set17 bearing is the stock inner bearing for all 79-86 cars and also 87-93 non-V8 cars.

    Yet another person dealing with the stupid parts counter books and computers. I don't know why they continue to do it other than they just don't give a crap.

    I've told every major mcparts brand and every supplier precisely what's wrong with their books. I've been repeating what I have to say for over 26 years. NOT ONE has corrected their info. They never will. Infuriating !!!!

    Just roll your eyes and from now on tell them you need bearings, seals, and rotors for a 1987 Mustang LX 4-cyl. You'll never get the incorrect part again!

    FYI - the 82 Ford Ranger takes a seal that is almost identical in just about every way, but some of the parts stores charge $2-3 less per seal.

    If you ever want to go 5-lug for some reason, the 82 2.0L ranger rotor is a good rotor to use. Needs the exact same bearings and seal but a dust cap made for the Ranger.

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    seems somebody just went thru this on the FB site also.
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    It was me on the facebook site as well, anywhere I could get help.

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    Won't be going 5 Lug, I like the wheels. Thanks for the info on the seals.

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