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    Default Where have all the Foxes Gone?

    Long time lurker who recently joined. I've owned 2 four eye foxes, a 1984 Mustang GT 5 speed T-Roof red/gray and a 1985 Mercury Capri RS 5.0 5sp T-Roof. Of the 2, the Capri was my favorite. With a healthy sprinkling of GT 5.0 offroad and performance parts the Capri was easily the most fun car I ever owned. Having sold it in 1994, I began regretting that decision not long after. Recently, I made the decision to track down another '85 Capri RS 5.0 5sp with T-Roof. It's a pretty tall order trying to replace the car I had, since there were not that many out there to start, and the passing of years has weeded even more of them out.

    Keeping expectations real, I widened my search to include '85 GT 5.0's with 5 speed and T-Roof as well. Even still, there don't seem to be that many of them out there, let alone close to stock. I took '86 cars off the list, since it's well known the 5.0 for that year featured flat tops speed density and and other things that are not performance friendly the way '85 5.0 roller motors were in the Capri and Mustang GT. Even still, the '86 5.0 5sp T-Roof cars are scarce in original condition or overall.

    As an exercise just for giggles, I widened my search to include '87 to '89 GT's with the 5.0, 5 speed and T-Roof where applicable. The resulting numbers available were even more depressing even without the T-Roof. There just don't seem to be that many of these cars out there for sale that are closer to stock. I know the '87 and '88 motors can easily be converted to MAF so they will accept all the upgrades the carb 5.0's of 1985 responded well to. As far as I know only the 86 motor had flat top pistons and poor heads, the '87 and up is a roller motor with better heads and forged pistons which respond well to performance cams and the rest.

    When my search for '87-'88 T-roof cars went bust, I widened to the '89 year. Same story, just not that many cars out there to pick from. What I do see a lot of are convertibles over all years, and I dislike convertibles. Between '85-'89 skipping '86 though the official build numbers of convertibles per year are significantly lower than hatchbacks, looking at today's numbers available for sale, one would think it's the other way around. With the sheer numbers of 5.0 GT 5sp cars built between 1985 and 1989, one would have thought that finding the right car would be like shooting fish in a barrell. Where did they all go? Even the LX and Notchback 5.0's seem to be around in greater numbers overall. I knew going in it was going to be difficult finding a Capri RS 5.0 like I owned and was going to take a while. What I would never have expected was finding a Mustang GT 5sp hatchback with a T-roof or no, made between 1985 and 1989 to be this difficult.

    Perhaps I've made my search more difficult specifying the car be fairly close to stock, not a basket case or a project / race car/ ex race car. I want to do all the performance work myself, as I did on my '85 Capri, and 85 GT. I want to enjoy the fun and fulfillment that comes from doing it yourself. With all the companies out there today offering parts options for the Fox, there are infinite choices for the DIY person. Back in the day, we didn't have all the places catering to the FOX enthusiast. It was only beginning to kick off. I want to personalize my own Fox, not buy it already done or to someone else's taste. With a seeming lack of original condition GT hatch cars available, other than at ridiculous asking prices, from both dealers and private sellers, is it going to be impossible to find what I am looking for? There were so many Foxes made between 1985 and 1993, why is is so hard today to locate one.... where are they all hidden?

    I'm not being cheap. I'm aware finding the right Fox for cheap is a steep order to fill. That said, shopping in the 5K -7.5K$ range it SEEMS LIKE available cars should be falling out of the trees. They just aren't out there, not that I've found. I'm doing Google searches, at present, as well as Craigslist. I'm located in Hanover Pa. Any suggestions for where I SHOULD BE looking? They will be appreciated.I'm not afraid of putting in hard work and elbow grease. I worked on cars and trucks for 30 years, over 1/2 my life,.. I know my way around a car pretty well. Of course, I'm not going to lie and say, I don't want to spend more money than I have to get the car. I'd like to have some leftover $$ to start building the car immediately once I find it. I'm open to reasonable suggestions.
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    Yes the 86’s had flat top pistons and E6 heads. They also had 0.2 more compression and the fastest 0-60 of the series of cars....

    The 86 pistons were forged.

    There were no valve reliefs, but it’s not a big deal in several cases

    — on an in-line head if you do not go past tolerable lift — it’s like 0.495 if I remember correctly. The old SD friendly FMS cams from the mid to late 80’s were an example of a performance cam that played by the rules
    — on a twisted wedge head....

    the 86’s are just as easy to convert to MAF as the 87-88 with the right info. I have a document I’ve given several here from when I did mine and it works a treat even though mine is an early production EFI car and none of the wiring colors are the same

    I do agree — they are getting scarce. These cars are not like the 65-66 which had an endless supply produced.

    the problem I’m seeing is the foxbody has now also hit the drifter seen and made a name for itself there too.

    Love these cars, really hate it when any get parted, but a ton have been getting it lately

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    Edited myself: can't sell in this forum. I posted what I had available for sale, but I was just trying to explain your options for t-top cars. Basically, you can find a solid hard top and convert it. Many of the t-roof cars rotted away.
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    Finding an original close to stock car is really getting hard. It can be done if you're patient and have some luck on your side. I pulled an '86 hatchback V6 out of a field a few months ago that is 98% original. It dropped into my lap as someone knew I was into the Fox Mustangs and it was listed for $500 on an obscure Facebook group with no title, didn't run, etc. It took a little leg work to get a clean title and it immediately started when I did a little work on it. It's not the V8 you want, but just an example of them still being out there in some form.

    If you plan to basically tear the car down and put it back together your way, I'd just go find a clean titled car and start over. Find one for cheap enough that is buildable without too much extra repair. That's what I did on my 1980 Notch. It was a mess, but all orignal 1980 4-cylinder 4-speed with 180k on it. No damage, no accidents, just a lot of miles and cleaning to get it down to a good shell to build from.

    I have way more luck doing anything with cars on Facebook groups. Very few people are using Ebay and forums anymore. The attention is all on FB primarily.

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    Where Have All The Foxes Gone?

    Right here with their older brothers!

    Any questions?????
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    I found my 85 2.3 rust free 100% stock notch through a local Mustang club for $1350. I saved it from being turned into another chopped, hacked up race car.

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    Wow, between multiple listed on many FEF member signatures and that photo from VINTAGEREACER above showing corralled PONIES, SORRY I meant FOXES, it's no wonder I can't find the FOX I'm looking for! So many 'verts out there that show up on my internet searches. Then there are the insanely priced 'dealers' selling some of the ugliest foxes of all years for insane prices. I could buy a new or newer Coyote-based 5.0 for the asking prices from may dealers and private owners.

    As I said above, even widening my search to include '87 and 88 cars, most of what I see are verts and more LX cars than I knew were made. Even wider cast of the net, including everything made up to '93 hasn't helped. '93 cars forget it especially dealer offerings. lots of Cobras out there, all prices between 20K and 50K depending on where you look. GT cars, again not so many coupes, and tons of 'verts.

    I can see it is going to take me a while before I can locate the right car. I don't want to start with an older or non GT/RS car that is older than 85. Even though I Plan to upgrade the car, what I plan on doing can be done without sidelinging the car for more than a couple days at max. Cam, intake and maybe head swaps can be done in a day, same with a complete performance exhaust with equal length shorties. Gears or swapping in the appropriate 8.8 or 9", again a day, upgrading to 5 lug, and disc brakes, a weekend. I don't ever want another car that has to be sidelined for weeks at a time due to the complexity of the upgrades. Other than paint or body work, none of what I want to do, even if I swapped in a performance crate motor and transmission will take more than a matter of days. I need a car I can drive, I want to be able to enjoy the car as much as possible and I missed that with my the car I'm selling.

    My age combined with health issues, I don't know how much longer I will be able to do what I want,to enjoy the car and the results from work I put into it. The '85 Capri 5.0 I used to own, I modified it extensively and for not a lot of dough. The car was never off the road for more than a weekend, and I need to be able to enjoy every day of cruising as I have left in me, as well as days over the fenders and under the car on a creeper.

    Finding a specifically equipped Capri 5.0 or Mustang GT from my past, I thought that might be hard. I didn't think finding a similar T Roof four eye GT or RS 5.0, let alone a T-Roof GT between '87 '88, or hatchback GT between '89 to 93 would be hard at all. There were hundreds of thousands of these cars built, so where are they?

    As for Facebook, that's not my scene, really. It's too hard to navigate, too many buttons, pop ups, drop downs, operating options, it's confusing to someone my age, not to mention annoying with all the requests and so on. I suppose I'm really getting old. It seems like yesterday, everywhere you looked there was a Mustang GT 5.0. That in a nutshell is why I bought my T-Roof Capri 5.0 RS. I liked being different, having a car that stood out even when in proximity of its cousin the Mustang 5.0. I was a fool to sell that car, I felt that way then, and now even more 20 years down the road. Nothing to do but keep looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vintageracer View Post
    where have all the foxes gone?

    Right here with their older brothers!

    Any questions?????
    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo!
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    They only built so many and they aren't building any more. 85 coupes are my soulmate but factory V8 trunks were thin on the ground even back then and sure haven't gotten any more common since. 1985 was a long time ago.
    Day 2 85 Mustang coupe, Iron Eagle headed stock short block 302, Wolverine 1190 hydro roller that's old enough to buy whiskey, Motorsport D302 intake, 780 Holley, Southside Machine lift bars, all motor. Looking for mid-10's with 30 year old straight junk on pump gas.

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