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    Default 86 3.8 CFI V6.... you get the point

    just documenting the issues during this three month long "reliability trial" at this point.

    Some context: car's been sitting for 14 years after my father did an IRS conversion on it. Ran extremely rich when we first dragged it out..

    Only this time, it's running lean!

    Since august, it's been my daily, to and from work and school, only going beyond 7 miles once or twice a week.

    This past saturday was a 7 mile trip to go catch a film, filled up the tank, sat in a drive through line for about 15 minutes. When i pulled out into the road I noticed the car was noticeably sluggish, this has happened before when i took it on a 13 mile trip on an old radiator, that went away almost immediately. But now, the issue stays. Still running lean. Pulled codes last night, here's what i got.
    I've only got a couple more weeks with this car until i absolutely have to put it away for the winter. If you guys have any suggestions let us know.

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    cleaned up the EGR valve the other night. seems that the issue has cleared up and i'm running fine.

    next issue:
    engine idle has been sitting at about 600, dropping to 500 frequently accompanied with a slight shake. will be going through this soon. will update.

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