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    Default Smog pump help

    I failed my emissions visual because Iím missing the smog pump system off my car, does anyone know if I could pull it off any other model? I canít seem to find the complete system online anywhere.

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    Did you try ebay?
    There's a lot listed for a '79.

    Imho, with parts from ebay, Rockauto, and the Ford Dealer Service Manual, it's likely doable without a lot of pain.

    Good Luck!
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    It’s a 79 and it has the 5.0 in it I have looked on eBay but they want like 600 bucks for the whole thing which I think is crazy

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    It depends on what has been removed. If it's just the pump, you can get that from any auto parts store for around sixty bucks, if I recall correctly what I paid for mine. It should bolt into place where the pump delete pulley is installed. if the catalytic converter was removed, that's a whole different deal with replacing your exhaust system. Usually when people take it off, they just remove the pump and leave the rest of the stuff bolted on, but if they took it all off you'll be looking for parts. It might make more sense if the latter is the case to not try to replace everything OEM style, and just put aftermarket cats on the car and whatever you need to plumb them up. I'm not sure what the emissions requirements are for your area, maybe they just need to see a cat and a pump and they don't care if it works or not.

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    I have the complete system off a '92 V8 5.0L sitting in the garage collecting dust. I don't know where you are (your profile doesn't show), but if it will work for you I'd work a deal on it. It's not doing me any good as we don't have emissions where I live and I don't need it.

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    Default Smog pump help

    Also if you need to replace the cat and you are in California, the replacement cat has to have the manufactures part / engine family number etched into it; an EPA one is not good enough. Hate the C.A.R.Bís nonsense to squeeze all the money out of us
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