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    Default Current fox body valuations

    Hello everyone. I wanted to get your opinions about current valuations for the 82 to 86 cars. I've been away from the hobby for awhile and I've noticed that the really nice low mile with documentation cars are listing anywhere from 15k to 25k. Have the nice number 2 to 3 cars gone up to the 10 to 13k range? I went and looked at a 86 GT T Top car yesterday that had a claimed 19k miles but no documentation other than what Carfax was showing. The seller is asking 11k. The car needs a little tlc but is a good driver quality car. The mileage seems like it may be true in the way it drove but has some paint and body issues from bad storage. Will probably need paint at some point as it appears really thin in spots. Also has some engine running issues. The interior is in fantastic shape. I made an offer that I thought was pretty fair considering the condition but was declined.

    I'm starting to wonder if I am out of touch a little with values. I know several years ago you could buy a number 1 car in the 10 to 13k range. I know there are some variables and regional differences. What are your opinions?
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    A car needing paint is not a number 2 car. Sure a number 2 might bring $8-12k.they have not gone up that much yet. In fact, I just did a quick look on some of mine and thought they were low.
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    I see a #2 car as being one that’s so clean/mint that you’ve probably not seen one in this condition since the car was nearly new. Problem with foxes is, the paint wasn’t very good from factory new. It was thin and had bad primer from the factory.

    I check several times a day on many different classifieds, and rarely does a #3 foxbody show up anywhere. They were fun cars that could be daily driven reliably for 200k miles. They were enjoyed and used up.

    As for value, it’s such a moving target. Notches have gotten dumb-expensive, and everyone knows it. I do think it’s a sellers market though, especially if the car is a high #3 or better.
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