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    Run your measurements though a calculator. Compression will really depend on how far the piston is below the block deck surface. Most are about .005-.010”, but I’ve heard some are closer to zero. A stock bore engine, piston .008” below deck, 58cc heads, -6cc valve relieve pistons and a .037” head gasket will put you at 9.4:1. If the short block is in good condition it will last just fine without a power added at that compression.
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    I got an engine stand from HF for $35. Pretty cheap really. Can always use the 20% coupon that's always available (I did).
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    Appreciate all the input. Mileage? It might actually be a 69,000 original mile car (due to 5 digit odometer). It's in tremendous shape. Unfortunately the guy I bought it from didn't have a whole lot of history on it.

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    Thought I would come in here and update this thread. I'm getting close to getting back into this. I ended up selling the GT40 heads I had because I paid too much for them. I sold them for $10 less than I bought them from. Hoping to go to a pick-n-pull and find another pair for close to half the price. Working on a potential partnership to get a freebie or two to shave $40 or so off my shopping list to hopefully fall into budget. I'm getting excited because I almost have done all the piddly stuff that was standing in my way of the fun work. Re-reading through this thread was a good refresher, and I want to thank everyone once again for their help. If you were curious about catching up on my budget build, here's a link to my YouTube playlist - (FYI it shows newest episode first).

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    Scored a great deal on heads yesterday at a machine shop. $100 for a 3-bar pair. Basically it's a customer that abandoned direction after he dropped them off at the shop. I'd suggest this as a possibility to everyone out there. Go to your local machine shop and ask that question. Hoping to exchange a promotional video on my YouTube channel for maybe another 15% off of the machine work, we shall see.

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