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    Default Main wiring harness question(86 gt)

    So, doing my conversion to MAF and one of my wires is missing the terminal end that plugs into the computer connector.

    Are these just molex connector ends or are they something different?


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    well to anyone wondering. The eec-iv terminal pins can be found by searching Dorman 85346(*edit* so I received the pins, but they are too these are not the correct ones. I have ordered another set E7EB-14487-AA which will most likely work.) or CP-8793-F
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    Sorry didn't see this post before. Here is another great option for replacement pigtails, etc.

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    thanks for the wealth of info there(there's a lot hehe).

    So, it did end up being E7EB-14487-AA and/or a18408-10

    I ordered them from amazon, but they came from So, that's another place to look for them.

    good luck everyone!

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    Fast way is hit the junkyard and clip pigtails with pins on the end out of a junk car.

    And a MAF plug

    shrink tubes and solder is very helpful in putting things together.

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    i don't really live near enough to population to make it feasible to find a junkyard(will be over an hour drive to get to one hehe) and hope they have a car with an eec-iv i can clip, but yes that would be easiest if i did hehe

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    Are you in NorCal? I'm probably not too far from you over the border in Oregon. Sounds like you have a solution though.

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    There's disadvantages to not living near dense populations, but I'll take those over living in a populated area again. All the back roads that no one drives on, makes having a mustang fun to own around these parts =)

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