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    Default Bulb outage display replacement.

    Iím thinking of mounting this in the console instead of the bulb outage display. I was going to do some gauges, but I think Iíll use an OBDII app to an ELM327 to the controls pack and display the gauges on screen. What do you guys think?
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    Quick question... Is the car obd2?
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    Afaik - you will need a board like Quaterhorse to interface the info and output it. But it is doable.

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    It will be after the controls pack for the coyote swap is installed.

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    Not my cup of tea...... but good luck

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    Default the why not

    My Garmin GPS has an optional bluetooth kit available like that to display OBD2 readouts.
    Have the GPS mounted just above the left dash vent and is easy to read all the time when driving.
    Is a small 3" square one, not widescreen.
    So i can picture temp placing the unit down in front of the graphic display.

    Where your display would be:
    Neat fit looks built in factory- ok
    Not ok- The graphic display area for reading any details or viewing anything but lit LEDs when driving.
    LCD would be too low and small to read. LCD screens wash out with indirect view angles, esp. in daylight, glare.
    Surly would not be a choice to locate a GPS screen. Would not OBD2 monitoring would be same?
    Ok when stopped or parked, but temptation would be overwhelming at other times, taking eyes way of the road.
    Driving being the more useful time to see monitored changes going on.
    Hard enough to read the clock down there more than a quick glance. Or watch the timer.

    Me? The light out display is of high value and would never consider deleting it or the even the clock.
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    I like my information center and I like my clock. I think they could fit into a much smaller area if they needed to though.

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