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    Got a chance to get a bunch of parts for a good price. Included is a AJE k member with coilover a arms. Plan is eventually do a 351w build which I know works with stock member. Any benefit to swapping to AJE member. I didnt plan on running coilovers as its just a street car and I know issues with strut towers.

    What would be a fair sale price for used k member and arms if I were to just sell them.

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    I believe that AJE makes a coil bracket that allows you to use a factory style spring and stock control arms. Many reasons for having an aftermarket k-member, one of the top ones for me is that when you drop something on the sides of the motor it falls down to the ground, doesn't get caught on the lip of the factory k-member.

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    Well they make a A-arm that is for stock spring location for 430 extra.

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    A nice thing about an AJE k-member is it drops the engine down and back. You can fit more engine under a stock hood.

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    Very good K member, good quality but, beware that with the type of engine mounting you are going to really feel the engine, specifically at high rpmsName:  IMG_3634.jpg
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    Lower center of gravity


    hood clearance

    more room for headers and other stuff

    Not sure what else on this particular K

    many move the front wheels forward to transfer more weight to the rear, also with adding a lot of positive caster which is exactly what foxes need

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