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    Default Newb question - Profile Avatar

    Do I have to hit a certain post amount to be able to upload an avatar photo...

    For the life of me I can't figure out how to find where I upload an avatar in my profile settings, so was curious if maybe I'm not currently eligible yet.

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    Yes, new members are restricted. It's either number of posts or time. Can't remember which.

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    ahha. Well this post will be #50...let me see if that's a milestone that helps me become eligible! haha.

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    Seems like I had to wait 30 days after I signed up before I could do certain things. Your profile says you joined 8/14, so I bet here in a couple more days you'll bee able to do the avatar and add a signature if you want.

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    yea I'm sure it will be sooner than later. I try to not join a forum unless I know I'll use it enough/be active will come.

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