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    Default 81 Capri/95 Mustang Gt wiring.

    I have a 1981 Capri that has all the mechanical guts and wiring of a 1994 or 95 Mustang Gt swapped into it. The previous owner, who built the car, used the 94/95 gauge cluster and swapped in the 94/95 steering column so that everything worked with the original wiring harness.

    What I would like to do is put in aftermarket gauges into a 79-86 layout gauge cluster. Aside from figuring out how to wire in the new gauges, I want to swap back in the original steering column. The sn95 columns are big and square, so they don't look right with the interior, and the bezel/cluster wouldn't fit right with it. How much of a pain will this be? I'm thinking it must be since the owner put the sn95 column in instead of the original. Has anyone on here done this? Just looking for a little advice or what to keep in mind before I start digging into this.

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    How tough it will be will depend on you. The original column will fit back in, and you'll just have to marry the harnesses together wire by wire. Do you have wiring diagrams for both cars so you can distinguish which wire is which?

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