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    So while I wait on Jegs to exchange my broken Water Temp gauge, this week I started getting prepped for my 5-lug conversion...well sort of anyway. I started to prep my 17" steel wheels for paint.

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    It's like every time I get something fixed on the gauge pod, something else malfunctions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZephyrEFI View Post
    Yeah, your odds of finding an early F/Z in a good color are NOT good.
    This is my '79 F/Z with a non-beige color. I remember that beige color back then. I don't know what we were thinking back in the '70s, but I do know that I probably had a pair of bell-bottomed pants (and platform shoes) in that exact same plaid color as what's in the interior of his Futura. ;-)

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    Your wheel/tire combo looks spot on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Str8sixfan View Post
    Your wheel/tire combo looks spot on!
    Thanks! I've got those wheels put away for the winter and have a set of 16-inch 1995 Mustang GT standard wheels on right now.

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    Also, I still have those plaid front buckets and rear bench seat. The seats in there now are beige-ish/brownish vinyl. I know the Age of Plaid seats aren't going back into the interior of this FairStang because I'm going to restomod it for the most part with a mix of '86 Mustang GT and other parts inside. And also because plaid brings back too many memories of my teen years in the late 1970s. ;-)

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