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    Default Roller Rockers (TBD)

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently working on a set of GT40P heads with an TrickFlow Upgrade valve spring kit from LMR. They are currently instilled. I have a SBF302, bore to a 306 with forged racing pistons from KB. I want to upgrade my cam to a B303 cam with the TF Spring kit that was installed. My question is what be a good set of roller rockers for this type of setup? Are there any kits? Suggestions, comments and feedback are welcomed.
    TFS-2500100 Valve Spring upgrade Kit
    Edelbrock 650CFM
    under pollys
    Intake manifold (TBD)
    Cam (TBD)
    Forged racing pistons KB (Compression rings were set to .024-.026)
    Exhaust system (TBD)
    Headers (TBD)

    Also, I am a beginner , be nice. Just doing Homework pretty much.
    Thank you,

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    I found these just now, I think this is what the machian shop guy was talking about, I will call him tomorrow and find out for sure. But I think stud mounts are better then the pedestal? Would these work with the TF valve spring upgrade kit? I forgot to mention these are the single springs, not dual. Didn't need machining. I will post some pictures of them later.
    Thanks peeps!

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    You might find some good information in this thread:

    Also, if your heads are stock GT40's then they will accept pedestal rockers. To install stud mounts you have to have them machined to accept the studs. It isn't just a matter of buying them and installing them on your heads. Stud mounts are nice, but I've never had a problem with pedestal mounts.
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    The TFS springs can handle .540” lift. Your best bet with a B cam is 1.7 rockers. You will be at .510” lift. These crane rockers are a good choice

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    Crane is what I have on my '88.
    1980 Mercury Zephyr moredoor sleeper

    1988 Mustang GT hatch -- Explorer intake, GT40 heads with Trick Flow spring kit, Crane 1.7 rrs, E303 cam, 70mm MAF, 70mm throttle body, Kirban Kwik shifter w/ Pro 5.0 Deluxe handle, clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster, and 3.27s

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    I'm about to do a set of GT40 heads as well. They will be for my 1978 Fairmont. Unfortunately because I'm on a fixed budget, outside of headers & new exhaust back from there these heads might be my only shot at performance. There were no rockers with this set of heads. So my question is, with a stock cam, is there any point in reaching for 1.7 rockers, or is that diminishing returns based off of my otherwise stock situation?

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    Personal opinion, the money spent on them will not return anything worthwhile. I'd just bolt on a set of stock stamped rockers and use the funds elsewhere.
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    Thanks. I kind of was thinkng that same thing, but good to hear it from elsewhere.

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    I'd run the TFS stage 1 cam instead of the B303 cam. IMO the more modern split duration cam will help your stock sbf heads.

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    I ran an E cam with 1.7 RR with factory valve covers on a set of gt40s. I really liked it. I could put the car sideways on a wet road in 2nd gear. T5 with 2.73s

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    I have used a wide variety of them over the years.
    Steel are good. If you want to extend your RPM range go with aluminum rollers.
    I used these Ford Racing rollers with Trend 3/8" one piece push rods on my last build.
    Worked out great. I think Crane actually makes them, but not sure. Name:  20180104_182511.jpg
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    Remember, you may need spacers or tall rocker covers with some roller rockers.
    Good luck no matter what you choose to go with.


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    I recently installed crane 1.7rr's on a set of P heads while running the stock cam. Rockers fit great, quiet as the stock stamped pieces and made a noticeable-albeit slight increase in power. IMO when running a stock cam with P heads, 1.7's are a worth while investment.

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    dyno results on a 302 with AFR165's that were CNCed with an Airgap showed an increase from 389 to 401HP. Most of the improvement came from the exhaust side of the equation. Torque numbers went from upper 390's to mid 400's with the swap.

    Doing a 1.7:1 on exhaust only..... there's your split duration.

    Torque numbers with all 1.7's and with exhaust only 1.7's were good, but more area under the curve with exhaust only because of better low and mid torque and similar peak number with the 1.6 on the intake side. I found that interesting.

    Stock shortblock including cam and 400HP, awesome.

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    I used Harland Sharp pedestal mount roller rockers with a B-303 cam for my 85 Capri 5.0 RS 5 Speed. Heads were take off GT40s with several hundred dollars of machine work performed. Mild clearancing was needed to reuse the factory 'Power By Ford" aluminum covers which liked. A Weiand Stealth intake was matched to the heads, a modified Holley Motorcraft 600 feeding it. exhaust gasses were removed using Mac equal length shorties (inexpensive take offs) with cats eliminated, 2 1/2"all the way and off-road H pipe, true duals all the way back to Flowmaster chambered mufflers and polished tips. I swapped in a used 8.8 Motorsport rear spinning 3:73s and a Trac-Loc ,connected to a World Class T-5. Underdrive pulleys, factory AC delete, air pump deleted, audio/radio delete, and T-roof, the car weighed in wet with no driver tipping 2800 pounds on the local grain scale.

    In 1991, this was was one of the faster local 'street' cars, with enough power to wrinkle the rear floor pan and trans tunnel/ torque boxes. Strut tower brace and custom titanium unibody connectors added, the car now capable of consistently pulling the LF tire off the ground. Getting the car to hook up was the issue, I was unwilling to cut the fender wells, to cage and tub the car. AS was it would no longer pass tech and was banned until in compliance. Massive burnouts resulted even rolling and using wider sticky tires. Those 5.0 roller cam carb motors were really responsive to mods and capable of making big horsepower and torque reliably, without spending tons of dough. Not to mention being nearly 1/2 the curb weight the modern Corvette, Camaro, Charger or Challenger, negating a need for anywhere near 600 or 700 horsepower to keep up. 500 hp in a 2800 pound street car is almost too much. Even 400hp rwhp was enough for the car to easily get away from the driver. YMMV of course.

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    Before you settle on the TFS kit, look at Alex's Parts spring kits. I know his beehive springs are made by PAC racing and the price is right. Personally there are some things to think about when doing rockers on the gt40 heads. Are they worth the machining cost for stud mount rockers, and if not, there are lots of junk pedestal mount rockers out there. So if you are set on aftermarket pedestals, I would only use a Scorpion Pedestal, but they are not cheap. Then you have to ask yourself would just running the stockers be money better spent elsewhere like stated above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Two86fiveoh's View Post
    I recently installed crane 1.7rr's on a set of P heads while running the stock cam. Rockers fit great, quiet as the stock stamped pieces and made a noticeable-albeit slight increase in power. IMO when running a stock cam with P heads, 1.7's are a worth while investment.
    I appreciate this input.

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