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    Default Coolant sensor questions. 1986 v6 lx convertible

    What should I get for readings at every sensor? This is a 3.8 Essex CFI with the carburator style set up two injectors above the butterfly valve.

    Specifically what should the ECT readings be, The ACT, IAT and 1 wire temp sending unit read?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Do you read what the people responding to your previous started threads have said?...

    *Copy-pastes from your other thread yesterday:

    Gauge/sender checking involves (from Haynes manual) removing the gauge wire and connecting a 10-ohm resistor to it's end and grounding that... the gauge should read in the hotter end of the gauge... (* warning in Haynes manual: "Caution: Do not ground the sending unit wire directly to the engine. This may damage the gauge or instrument voltage regulator.") ... and a repeat of the above with a 73-ohm resistor should indicate on the gauge in the colder end of the gauge range...

    Therefore, to test the temperature sending unit itself, measure it's function, it's resistance to ground, when the engine is cold and when the engine is fully warmed up... with the positive lead of a multi-meter (set to reading ohms of resistance) touching the sending unit's stud and the negative lead touching ground... the differing coolant temperatures should mimic the above of ~73-ohms when cold and ~10-ohms when fully warmed up...

    As for the rest...

    Trouble codes explanations:

    To test trouble code-indicated sensors/circuits ( READINGS ):
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