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    Default Importing '82 Stang GT into BC Canada

    Has anyone ever imported a Ford Mustang GT (early Fox bodies) into BC Canada before? What qualifies to come into Canada? If the exhaust, tranny or other parts have been installed from newer Fox's or even aftermarket, does that disqualify the car for importation? Does it have to be completely stock? What do they look for in inspections? And what is the process to bringing it into Canada?

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    On the Canadian sites they should have the information. When I brought my wife's Thunderbird from southern California, it was straight forward. When the car is 15 years and older. It just requires a safety when you get the car registered. At the border, they just make sure your paperwork is in order. I live in Ontario, but at the border was Canadian laws.

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    I have also imported from the US but into Ontario, I researched this a lot before doing so and I think the process applies across Canada. The only thing specific to a province would be different emission laws and the tax you will pay. For Ontario as long as the vehicle was older than 1988 there was no emission test required, just a regular safety. I pulled it on a regular trailer through Canadian customs and it was no more difficult to declare than if I'd bought a new TV. The border guards hardly looked at the car and wouldn't have known if the car was stock or not. I paid my tax and left. The safety inspection is done later like any other used car.

    The more critical part is actually exporting the vehicle from the US. The US border needed 3 days notice before arriving at the border with the car and quite a bit of paperwork up front, I think now you might even have to use a licensed broker for the paperwork. This information was harder to track down, I live near the border so I actually went over to the US side and asked.
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