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    Default 2.3 Cylinder Bore

    Hi All!

    I am in the process of building a few 2.3t motors and I am trying to mix and match pistons. I remember reading a thread on here about the stampings on the block next to the distributor. My engines say "3343" & "3443" etc... I know this relates to the bore size and pistons. Does anyone have any info on those stampings. I.E. "1" equals small bore, "4" equals big bore.

    Rob A.

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    It is probably easiest to measure the existing pistons to get the bore size. Usually the pistons will have an OS number stamped somewhere if they were replaced. When I rebuilt my 80 2.3T a little over a year ago, I had trouble sourcing the correct forged OS pistons. Ended up finding Wiseco forged 2.3 pistons.
    Mike Rausch

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    Sorry I didn't know that they were even numbered like that. That is interesting. Ford did some strange stuff back then. If I was building engines, I would for sure invest in a micrometer though. Not trust the stamping on a part....especially since as mentioned above.....Ford sure did some strange stuff back then.

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