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    What I was doing for interior things was to strip out the old tar paper stuff they put on the floor pans. This will be so I can put down the new sound deadener and insulation.

    Most of it came off quite easily. The part behind the rear seat was a different adhesive by the looks. I am not intending to do the trunk this time around so only went up so far.

    Along with the interior I've already cleaned up and now looking at this; I see an almost new car. 17k miles or 117k miles?

    The driver's side has a high spot in the corner where it looks like a jack or lift pushed up from the bottom. It went down fairly easy while flaking off the undercoating on the underside.

    I pulled the grommets on the drivers side and it looks like new with no rust
    Wow man. So clean itís mind blowing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 82GTforME View Post
    I have no idea if the front and the rear are the same. I never had to remove the rear ones on the other car. I'll be taking these off soon enough and compare. I do have one spare used pair and a single I think. If they are all the same I should be good. I'll just put them in the "for sandblasting" pile and paint them later.

    What to do about possible slop in the misshapen looking rear hole? Erratic, you mentioned spacers
    I think he was suggesting they should have used spacers on the bracket to the bumper support to straighten it out.

    The opening should just be a matter of doing a bit of sheet metal work to straighten it out with possibly some welding. It should be easier to determine what is possible once you pull the support and the mounts.

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