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    Default '85 Mustang GT ORIGINAL space saver spare, jack, lug wrench & McGard wheel locks

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    '85 Mustang GT ORIGINAL space saver spare, scissors jack, lockdown lug & nut, lug wrench, and McGard wheel locks* - $99 plus shipping via PayPal**
    *McGard wheel locks - missing one washer that may or may not turn up. Still looking.
    **Will do my best to ship as efficiently as possible.
    **First preference is to sell everything in the ad and those inquiries are the first I'll reply to.

    All of these parts were removed from my 1985 Mustang GT. A car that Ive owned and still do since it was new. Obviously these parts would be ideal for someone that is restoring one of these cars back to its original condition.
    This space saver spare and its related parts came out of my GT in the first year that I owned it since my first performance upgrade was a 9" rear with the 4:11 gearset that I ordered right out of the Ford Motorsport catalog. To give you an idea how long ago that was, I own two sets of Centerline Pro Stock wheels for this car. I have one set for the street and another that's sporting Micky Thompson skinny's on 3.5 rims and ET drag slicks on 8.5 rims. I know it's a long time ago because I ended up paying over $400 to have one of 5.5" street rims straightened after giving up on finding a replacement.
    Along with the big ticket items like the cylinder heads and this clutch, I saved every clamp, bracket, hose, wire or solenoid that was removed and anything that wasnt put back on was packed up and put in storage. Im now planning a move south and the shelves have to be cleared. Will be posting more parts as theyre retrieved and dusted off for pictures.

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    All sold!

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