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    Default 85 Mustang GT ORIGINAL oil pan w/sensor, oil pickup & pump $65 plus shipping

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    85 Mustang GT OEM oil pan w/sensor, oil pickup & oil pump - $65 plus shipping*
    *Will do my best to ship as efficiently as possible. Open to discussing various options.
    All parts were removed from my 1985 Mustang GT. A car that I’ve owned – and still do – since it was new. Obviously this oil pan and the oil pickup and pump would be ideal for someone that is restoring one of these cars back to its original condition. There were no issues with any of these parts.
    These engine parts were but a small part of a complete disassembly of the original drivetrain of my ’85 GT right after I attended – as a spectator- the Inaugural Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan in 1995. My car only had a few thousand miles on it – currently shows 36,000 - and that’s why everything in the pictures looks so factory fresh.
    Along with the big ticket items like the cylinder heads and transmission, I saved every clamp, bracket, hose, wire or solenoid that was removed and anything that wasn’t put back on was packed up and put in storage. I’m now planning a move south and the shelves have to be cleared. Will be posting more parts as they’re retrieved and dusted off for pictures.
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    I'll take it - how much to zip code 53143? Thanks!

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    I swear not a single day goes by where I don't learn something. I thought the sensor did not debut until the 1987 model year. So that means the 1985 must have a "low oil" light in the cluster somewhere. I had no idea it came out that early. Good luck! Looks like it might already be sold!

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    Yep, have one on my 85 cfi. Just look for the leak.
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