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    Default Any coyote swap people here?

    Curious if there were any members here that have jumped into the Coyote swap world? I decided to jump in with both feet and start my own swap on my recently finished and perfect running TBird lol! Cant believe Im doing this but as far as I know it might be the first swapped Tbird.

    My car has a supercharged 5.0 that makes 420 rwhp and has run a best of 11.82 at 119. Been very happy with the setup but I figured while the motor is still in perfect shape and still low miles I might as well sell it off and start my swap.

    And here is my new 2013 F150 5.0

    So Id love to find others here to bounce questions off of as they come up.
    Brian R. of Michigan
    83 TBird 5.0
    88 Ranger 2.3t

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    Looking forward to following along with this build. Awesome Tbird!

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    Awesome! Thank you
    Brian R. of Michigan
    83 TBird 5.0
    88 Ranger 2.3t

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