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    Default Nice '79 Hatchback on Facebook

    Just saw this car advertised on Facebook Marketplace. Looks very nice!


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    Are the Facebook forums the sites that many of the Mustangs go for sale are going to? Noticed that over the last year or 2 the number of four eyed Mustangs for sale have decreased, the same for the other hobby sites as well. Looks like i will need to break down and join Facebook...ughhhh

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    Facebook has indeed been more prominent over forums the past several years....unfortunately
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    Quote Originally Posted by marathon06 View Post
    are the facebook forums the sites that many of the mustangs go for sale are going to? Noticed that over the last year or 2 the number of four eyed mustangs for sale have decreased, the same for the other hobby sites as well. Looks like i will need to break down and join facebook...ughhhh
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    Quote Originally Posted by 84lxvert View Post
    NEVERR!!!!! X2!

    Maybe I am just too old, but most Facebook sites just look like a bunch of unorganized crap. Then again I've never spent an appreciable amount of time on any of them.
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    As if sellers weren't bad enough with their ads, Facebook for sale ads are the worst, sellers post a couple pics with few details while they are sitting at the bar or elsewhere. People will then low ball, bash the car and then the ad disappears. Searching for sale ads on Facebook is nothing but a time consuming pain in the rear end. That being said less 4eye cars are for sale overall, with a better economy and more of these cars being restored I see far less for sale. Anything that turns up for sale that is clean and a good deal is sold within hours and the flippers are still running wild. I've been searching these cars for sale since the early 00's and it has declined a lot over the past few years. The high point was 2006-11 and almost everyday I would find a decent 4eye for sale, now maybe 1 a week.
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    It's interesting to hear the comments about advertising on Facebook. I have decided that I'm going to sell my '80 hatchback (again...this is the second time I've owned the car) and was trying to decide where to advertise it. I don't want to sell it and am upset about the prospect of doing so, but I've had some circumstances that have pretty well dictated that this is what I need to do. I'm restoring a '68 Mustang and just had the engine rebuilt and broken in on a dyno. The dyno was money well spent because they had to sort out some issues with the carburetor and the distributor, but when it was all said and done, it was expensive. There's still a good amount of work to do to it , including a repaint, so the extra money will help. I also had a minor accident last week which, unfortunately, was my fault, so I'm going to be looking at increased insurance premiums. I've just decided that I need the money a lot worse than I need the car. I'm using the '80 until my daily driver is back together, so I've only advertised it by word of mouth and putting signs in the windows, but I'm going to put it online as soon as my other car is back on the road. Then there's the whole question of what to ask for it. I probably have more in it than what I can get back out of it, but that seems to be pretty typical for me and cars. I'm going to clean it up really good and do some odds and ends to it to make it look as good as I can and hope for the best. I did put a set of the repro 16" TRX wheels on it, so that makes a huge difference in the appearance of the car. It needed them. So getting back to the original topic, perhaps Facebook isn't the best venue for advertising the car. I'll have to see what my options are and pick ones where people would be looking for a car like mine. This site will be at least one of the places to advertise it.

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    Facebook has killed a lot of good forums in the car world and other hobbies etc.
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