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    Default "85 Mustang GT - OEM emission parts

    '85 Mustang GT - OEM emissions parts

    Decision made to move to a place where we'll enjoy seeing that the temperature in Michigan on a day in February only has one digit...and we're not there. That being said, my first preference for everything I post will be to sell a parts series, e.g. emissions, chassis, trim, etc. I'm trying to avoid a one or two part sale. As should be evident from the pictures on these emissions parts, everything removed from my '85 GT was carefully removed and stored when the car was only a few years old. Nothing got tossed...including the long lines from front to rear.

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Size:  90.3 KBMake a reasonable offer and I'll reply with shipping costs. If you're in need of a lot of original '85 GT parts, maybe we can work something out and I'll load up my E350.Name:  P1040558.jpg
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    PM sent
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    all SOLD!!!

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