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    Default 86 Shadow Blue Coupe $3k or best

    Its come time to let my 86 coup go, life is not providing me the bandwidth to turn this car into what I want so I am hoping someone else can run with it.

    1986 shadow blue metallic coupe, factory V8 car with AOD trans. Millage is unknown, speedometer was not functioning properly when I bought it back in 09. I estimate its a sub 150k car but cant be certain.

    what I do know from previous owners:

    it was in an accident in the early 90's and repaired by the owner, needless to say the paint is in rough shape and the left rear quarter needs some work. the only rot on the car is in the spare tire well and front left fender, looks like something punched a hole through it in the past. before i bought the car it was a southern car so its solid.
    93 5.0 bottom end
    under dive pulley
    cat back (unknown brand)

    mods I have made:

    Ford Racing B springs
    BBK subframe connectors
    staggered 10th annyv replicas with spacers

    the car runs strong, suspension is mostly original beside listed upgrades so it makes a lot of noise as a 32 year old car would. I am sure I am forgetting some stuff, any questions please ask.

    If I don't respond here you can hit me up with an email

    some history on the car and older photos. I have recent photos but have not uploaded them to the web, can email them.!
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    GLWS I wish I could save this one too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badsmurf View Post
    GLWS I wish I could save this one too
    It’s only posted on this forum so it can be saved! I had the full intention of bringing back to its original glory and beyond. Life caught up and got in the way so it’s out there for someone else to pick up where I left off, which admittedly isn’t far....
    original v8 AOD car For Sale
    1998 Mustang GT Vert

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    any interior or engine bay shots?

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    Great looking coupe, GLWS
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    I remember when you bought this car, that should sell quick.
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    Text me about car 847-971-3396

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    sent a pm a while ago. maybe sold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tORMENtOR View Post
    I remember when you bought this car,.
    Me too. Love this car!!!
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    I'm a buyer if he still selling. Hopefully he gets back to me

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    Car is sold, the deal was worked pretty quick and was picked up today. It’s on its way to Michigan. It will be missed, I have confidence the new owner can get done what I didn’t have time to do. Although it’s no 4eye, I couldn’t be with out so I did pick up a 98 GT that needs much less work. Same screen name on Instagram and I actually check that from time to time
    original v8 AOD car For Sale
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    I gave the buyer a heads up to this thread. Glad he bought it.
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