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    Default Bolt Hole for Transmission Broken - Repairable?

    Good afternoon,

    I have a Pull - a- Part engine block siting in my garage for some time now. I finally got around to putting it on the stand to clean it up and dissasseble.

    I have noticed that the bolt hole for the lower passenger side bell housing bolt is broken off right in the middle.

    Question is has anyone repaired this before?

    Is is even worth the bother to try?

    stock build, can I get away with 5/6 bolts?

    I was planning on finding a crappy old truck to use this block in for trips to the junk yard and back.

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    If you had the broken piece, it MAY be able to be welded on - would take the right welder as cast iron is tough to do sometimes. Or is there enough there you can use a stud / all thread to clamp it?

    Being a stock build, I would run it with 5 bolts and not look back.
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    If you have room to put one 1/2" long, small 1/4" hex sheet metal screw on each side, you can use steel epoxy putty. Sandpaper, acetone, the area, put in screws, put enough steel putty to cover the broken area. Shape area, Drill hole. All set. The steel epoxy putty is more than strong enough. The key thing is to make sure there is something for the putty to grab/adhere to. The small hex sheet metal screws work great.

    Good Luck!

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    Typical. Have seen this before. A thick fender washer on the back side of the remaining cast with a nut for the bolt should do fine. The main pressure is supposed to be taken by the alignment pins.

    Bolts are there to keep the bellhousing from pushing itself away and moving on the pins.

    A lot of times when Iíve found broken bolt threads the area of the bellhousing where the bolt is doesnít fully/properly seat on the block. A little ream with a rat tail gets the housing to sit correctly on the pin which helps big with avoiding side loads on the bolts....

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    I ran a t-5 with 5 bell housing bolts for 80k miles. Beat the crap out of it. No problems.

    My .02, run it and forget about it.
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    here is a pic

    Thanks for the replies, I'm problly going to start rebuilding this one. never know when I might find something that just needs an engine...

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